Tech mogul Elon Musk recently revealed what technology?

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Musk claims the brain chip implant will allow people who are paralyzed to operate technology, such as smartphones or robotic limbs, with their thoughts.

Which celebrity took home the most awards from the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards?

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Lady Gaga took home five VMAs.


People rushed to invest in stock of Apple and what other company after their stock split?

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Apple, Inc. and Tesla, Inc. shares surged as stock splits took effect.

Biden-Harris put promotions for their campaign in which video game?

(Official White House Photo)
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"Animal Crossing: New Horizons" players are now able to deck out their island homes with official Biden-Harris yard signs.


What country that said it will not join a World Health Organization-linked global effort to develop and distribute a Covid-19 vaccine?

CDC via Unsplash
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The Trump administration said it will not join the international cooperative effort because it does not want to be constrained by multilateral groups like the World Health Organization.

The Mississippi commission voted to retire the Confederate battle emblem on their flag and replace it with what symbol?

(State of Mississippi)
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Along with the Mississippi state flower, the new magnolia flag includes the words "In God We Trust."

Which NBA player won Rookie of the Year?

(Edgar Chaparro/Unsplash)
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The 6-foot-3 Memphis Grizzlies guard received 99 first-place votes from a global panel of 100 sportswriters and broadcasters to earn the title of Rookie of the Year.

Which politician found herself in the middle of controversy after video was released of her indoors at a hair salon with no face mask or covering?

(Adam Niescioruk/Unsplash)
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The hair salon Pelosi went to is located in San Francisco, where these types of appointments are banned due to the pandemic.

What horse was scratched from the Kentucky Derby after flipping over in the padlock?

(CEN/Felix Castillo)
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Thousand Words was a late vet scratch after acting up in the paddock area.

In what U.K. city was one person killed and seven injured in late-night stabbings in a busy nightlife district?

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British police were hunting a male suspect after the late-night stabbings in the central English city of Birmingham.

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