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Reddy Steward Set To Take His Big Play Abilities To An NFL Franchise

Troy University Cornerback ‘Reddy’ To Hear His Name Called On Draft Day 
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From April 25th-27th, many collegiate football athletes will see their dreams of having their names called at the 2024 NFL Draft. The hard work and dedication comes full circle during a 3-day cycle that will be held in Detroit, Michigan. One prospect, Troy University cornerback, Reddy Steward has checked all the boxes in hopes to hear his name called during this 3-day period. His All-Sun Belt first team selection earned him a spot to play in front of NFL coaches and scouts at the Hula Bowl. Steward enters the draft with the second highest career grade amongst eligible cornerbacks entering the draft.

During a recent conversation, Steward talks about his strong faith, his preparation, and fulfilling his dreams of playing in the NFL.

Zenger: You had a very productive “Pro Day.” How did you walk away feeling about the numbers you put up? 

Steward: I felt pretty good. I felt great about the numbers I put up. I was just working for it about 3 months before it. I was out at Bommarito’s in Florida. They helped me with some nicks, little things to help me increase my speed, open up my hips. Once I got a ‘Pro Day,” I was back at my school, so I felt comfortable. I just wanted to go out there and show the scouts that I had speed, and I can move my hips well.

Zenger: That’s the physical side, how do you mentally prepare for one day that could alter your entire life? 

Steward: How I go about my life, I’m big on God. I’m a Christian, my family is big into it, so I just put my faith into him. Believe in my abilities, put my faith in God, and go out there and showcase.

Zenger: You played as a freshman at Troy University and went on to have an amazing career there. How much does being thrown into the fire and gaining so much experience at Troy propel you moving forward? 

Steward: Those type of moments just keeps me calm because I seen a lot of things at a young age. That was the main reason I went to Troy just to get that experience early, see what the college game is like, and of course, I knew the speed of the game would be different. My coaches, having faith in me and throwing me out there as a freshman helped me as I got older to know what was coming, how to film study, and prepare for everything.

Zenger: Anyone who has played the game dreams of hearing their name called, put that hat on, and shake the commissioner’s hand. Have you had time to even think about that part of the process yet? 

Steward: While I was training, I wasn’t really thinking about it, but after “Pro Day” happened and I put up good numbers, I started thinking about it more. I’ve been talking to my dad and brothers about it. Just waiting for that moment to happen, I think it’s going to be a feeling you don’t have words for. I can’t wait for it, but then after that, my mind will be back focused on football. I just can’t wait.


Zenger: What do you do to get away from it all right now?

Steward: I’m a simple guy. I’m from the country, so I’m down here with my dad just hanging out with family. We’re a tight family and that’s really all I do when I come home. I’m big on that. They help me get my mind off of it because they know I take football very seriously to try and help provide for them in the future. Hanging with them and just being a regular person takes my mind off of football.

Zenger: I’m a southern guy, you’re a southern guy, that New Orleans Saints uniform would look really good on you, besides, we have great cornerbacks here that you could learn from. 

Steward: (Laughing). Wherever I go I’m going to be blessed about it, thank God for it, but we’re southern guys, so if I could have that opportunity for my family to come see me play with me being closer to home, I’d be so grateful for that. That would be my reasoning for wanting to be on a southern team, so that my family could come see me play, but wherever I get picked I’d be grateful for it. I don’t care where I go.

Zenger: Would you like to play right away, or come in behind someone and learn while taking reps? 

Steward: I feel like I’m prepared to play early. I trust my technique enough for coaches to believe in me and throw me out there right away. If I get the opportunity to do that, I’d be ready for it. If I have to go to a place where they want me to develop, I’ll be ready for that as well. I’m just keeping an open mind, and I’m ready to adapt and adjust to any environment I go to.

Zenger: You mentioned technique and adapting. The league is making is tough on defensive players in terms of limited contact in coverage and prohibiting ways defenders can tackle. Do these rule changes impact your approach to the game? 

Steward: you have to adjust because the game is changing. You have to be conscious of how you coming downhill and making tackles. If you’re going for the ball or for a hit, you have to show a difference in your game, because that’s what the refs are looking for nowadays. It’s an adjustment that I don’t have a problem with. It’s just part of the game.

Zenger: Have you had someone mentor you through this process? 

Steward: Yes, I have a mentor who I work out with when I come home, and I lean on him for advice. His name is Jerraud Powers. He played in the league for about 8 or 9 years with the Colts, Cardinals, and Ravens. I just lean on him with a lot of stuff on the NFL level because he’s already been through it. I’ve been working out with him since my junior year of high school. He’s like my big brother, my mentor all in one. I ask him a lot of questions about how I should approach rookie mini-camp and stuff like that, and he gives me advice.

Zenger: The closer we get to April 25th, are you anxious, nervous, or a little bit of both? 

Steward: It’s more anxiousness than nervousness. I don’t think I get nervous about any situation. Just wondering who is going to call your phone from what city. How far am I going to have to go and things like that.

Zenger: Explain what type of player the team that selects you will be getting? 

Steward: Their going to get a coachable guy, who is willing to learn. As a rookie, I know I’m starting at ground zero and I’m fine with that. Just a guy that’s willing to learn and listen and work hard. That was embedded in me at Troy. We worked for everything we had. A smart film study player who will know what’s coming on the field before it happens.

Zenger: Do you study any particular defensive backs to take little nuggets from? 

Steward: There are a ton of players, but I look at guys that are around my size, so I can see how my game will transfer to the NFL because they’re doing great. I look at guys like Denzel Ward, Kenny Moore for the Colts. He is small in stature, but he plays with so much confidence you can’t even tell.

Zenger: You are from Decatur, Alabama which is a very small town, what advice would you give someone who is from a small town or maybe attended a small college to let them know they could accomplish this too. 

Steward: Put your faith in the process. I tell the younger guys; these scouts know talent. No matter where you go or where you’re from, if you’re putting up good numbers, they will find you regardless. I commend the NFL for that. Put your faith in God and put the work in every day. There’s guys that’s been from smaller cities than I’m from make it, so just put your head down, stay out the way, stay out of trouble, you can do the same thing.

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