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About Us

Zenger is the world’s first digitally native wire service. It is owned and operated by journalists.

Zenger aims to:

  • Restore trust in news, and to reward journalists and news outlets in a new way for producing stories that inform, entertain, and hold leaders and institutions accountable.
  • Zenger’s model is to reward its open network of journalists by sharing advertising revenue with the people who create the content.
  • We pay quickly and electronically. No more paper checks from out-of-state banks, months after you publish.
  • Zenger provides wire stories to news outlets, for low or no up-front cost, and shares advertising revenue with them. Instead of subtracting from their bottom line and deepening a struggling industry’s challenges, Zenger adds to their top line.
Who owns Zenger News?

Zenger is a product of Z News Service, Inc., which is incorporated in Delaware and headquartered in Austin, Texas. The majority of shares are held by journalists who work for Zenger. The minority shareholders include investors and funds in Paris, London, Dallas, Salt Lake City and San Francisco. No shareholder is involved in campaigns, lobbying, politics, or government.

What is the agenda for Zenger News?

Zenger is dedicated to bringing high-quality news content to overlooked communities and promoting the broadest possible variety of voices and subjects.

Does Zenger News have a political bias?

No. We do not promote any set of policies, actions or ideologies. Zenger is an open platform that uses unique technology to allow thousands of reporters, editors, photographers and videographers to contribute freely from around the world. Our journalists are not selected by our editors, and do not have to adhere to any ideology or perspective — as long as they are committed to telling the truth and accurately portraying competing perspectives on the conflicts that divide our world. Our pending verification software, for which we are seeking patents, ensures that sources are named and not quoted out of context. We believe news needs to be compelling, thoughtful, and trustworthy.

Who determines the Editorial direction of Zenger News?

The editors. All others, including investors, advertisers, and staff outside the Editorial department, are not involved or consulted in any way about any upcoming or published news content.

Does Zenger News endorse political candidates?

No. Zenger News does not publish opinion of any kind, ever. What’s more, we believe that political endorsements undermine the public’s trust in news. Finally, we do not follow any party, programme or platform of any political entity or philosophy anywhere in the world.

Does Zenger News seek foundation or other philanthropic support?

No. Z News Service, Inc. is a for-profit company, and does not have any non-profit arm or division. In addition, Zenger News has never sought and will not seek any grant, loan, or other financial support from any government, anywhere in the world.

How is Zenger News funded?

Zenger is funded by advertising, affiliate link fees, article and video licensing fees, software licensing fees, conference sponsorships, and other commercial transactions. It does not receive donations from any party anywhere in the world nor does it owe outstanding loans to any entity anywhere. As a startup, Zenger received funds from tech investors to build its unique software and platform.

How does Zenger News ensure editorial independence from our partner funders?

Zenger’s Editorial team maintains full independence from any investor or advertiser. Investors and advertisers receive no preferential treatment, do not have the ability to see or review any news coverage before it is published, and cannot make any changes to published reporting. Zenger News does not accept any donations whatsoever, and all investor relationships are limited to reviewing quarterly and annual financial reports on the health of the company.