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Spooky House Hunters Can Buy This Old Mortuary For $68,000

The building as being surrounded by weeds and overgrown plants, and the rooms as being crammed with junk.

Spooky house hunters can buy an old mortuary for $68,278 – with some investors wanting to turn it into a scary Airbnb.

The derelict mortuary boasts a large entrance area as well as original embalming room – which even comes with a bath.

The creepy property is being sold by John Pye Auctions with an estimated price of $68,278.

The auctioneers warn potential buyers to take great care when “undertaking” an inspection of the former morgue in Leek,England due to its poor condition.

The eerie property has already attracted interest from investors, with some wanting to turn it into “some kind of spooky-themed Airbnb.”

Pictures show the building surrounded by overgrown shrubs and weeds while the rooms are piled high with trash.

Spooky house hunters have the chance to snap up an eerie former morgue and its listed with a guide price of just $68k too. Investors have already expressed interest in the unsettling home, with some hoping to convert it into “some type of spooky-themed Airbnb.” JOHN PYE AUCTIONS/SWNS

An abandoned bath tub, desk and heating unit can all be spied in the photographs.

Brave buyers will have access to the nearly half-an-acre plot, which is located next to a chapel.

Further photographs reveal crumbling walls, stained tiles and holes in the ceiling panels.

Auctioneer Helen Bingley said: “It’s going to make a amazing project for someone and has huge potential.

Spooky house hunters have the chance to snap up an eerie former morgue, and it is listed with a guide price of just $68k too. The mortuary may be appealing to commuters given that it is only one mile from Cheddleton Village and ten miles from Stoke-on-Trent. JOHN PYE AUCTIONS/SWNS

“There is quite a market for historical buildings of this nature that people are interested in staying in overnight.

“Other unusual buildings we have had for sale in the past include an observatory, water tower, a former army barracks and windmill, all have proved to be attention grabbers at auction.”

The morgue is just one mile from Cheddleton Village and 10 miles from Stoke-on-Trent making it potentially attractive to commuters.

It is thought it was last used as a mortuary 20 years ago and has fallen into disrepair ever since.

Auctioneers say the property is in such a poor state it will need a full refurbishment or demolished after it goes under the hammer on April 26 and 27.

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