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Former American Idol Contestant Exposes Satanic Occult In Hollywood

Jimmy Levy reveals shocking experiences and warns of the dark side of the music industry.

Jimmy Levy was a contestant in Season 18 of American Idol, and despite not making it very far in the competition, Levy managed to use his time on the show to become a big-name Indie music star — going on to collaborate with artists such as Bebe Rexha and the late XXXTentacion.

Jimmy Levy – Shadow (Official Music Video) 

Levy’s popularity led him to amass over a million followers on Instagram and over 3 million listeners on Spotify. Levy’s fame came with a great price as he became a witness to what he described as many acts of satanic evil that led the once atheist-turned-Christian to come out and expose the acts of the occult that run very deep within Hollywood.

Levy is no stranger to having occult ties within his family. His mother was a psychic, and his grandmother was a psychic for major celebrities in Hollywood such as Michael Jackson and Elvis. Levy stated that he can see ghosts and demons, as well.

Last month, Levy sat down with Jason Whitlock, on his popular YouTube show called “Fearless,” to talk about his time in the music industry in an interview that has since been removed.

While Levy was raised as a secular Jew who didn’t believe in God or Satan, as the singer came closer to celebrities in the industry who are into Satanism, his experiences completely changed his views on faith.

“I was doing more secular music. I started as a songwriter, you know, in the Latin industry in Miami, then in Hollywood, going back and forth writing electronic, the pop scene, and then I had like a dark, edgy moment where I was trying to be like a Satanist and, you know, start hanging around people that were practice Witchcraft and stuff like that,” said Levy.

The deeper Levy got into the Occultic world of Hollywood, the more he started to realize that Satan was real and that he was on the wrong side of a spiritual war.

The wake-up moment for Levy was when he attended a mansion party for influencers, and he saw something that confirmed to him that evil was in fact real.

“I was at one house party where upstairs they were having like some sort of gathering where there were naked old men in the room and there were children upstairs and that really like shocked me, and I was there to, you know, being influencer like everyone there were all influencers and actors” Levy explained.

After his horrifying discovery, Levy found out the home where the Hollywood party was located belonged to a high-ranking member of the Satanic Temple, and he had walked into a Satanic Ritual being performed. Levy began to ask major questions about his spiritual affiliations.

“I was like wait a minute Satan’s not real. I know Hasatan but Satan’s not real. It’s not like the Christian figure, and then the guy’s like, he’s very real. I want to introduce you to all these people, and I started meeting people in the industry that were awake, and we’re awake to the occult. We all started sharing like our different experiences, and that’s when I started realizing Satan was real,” said Levy.

When Levy came to the realization that he was on the side of evil, he became terrified, and he began to use his platform to speak out about what he had seen in the industry and that is when his friends and associates turned on him.

“A lot of people started coming at me in the industry like you better shut up, you don’t know what you’re talking about, and I started noticing like they were very defensive about me talking about pedophilia. Some of my favorites actors reaching out to me very defensive” said Levy.

Jimmy Levy on ‘Fearless With Jason Whitlock’  

After realizing how deep he was within the secret occult of Hollywood, Levy reached out to a friend to discuss Christianity and was later baptized as a born-again Christian.

When asked just how deep the Satanic Occult runs in Hollywood, Levy answered him by saying it’s about 70/30 on how many people are in the occult vs how many are not.

“I think it’s like 70%. There’s a big chunk of people that, you know, are on the good side of humanity. They’re sick of what’s going on there, aware of who runs the industry. They’re aware of, you know, Satan and him being the angel of music and for the music side of things at least but in the entertainment industry.”

Levy continued: “Most of the people who are on the good side— which is the sad part is— that they don’t use their voice they care more about their family, well-being, and their money.”

“The money always becomes their God.”

At the end of the interview, Levy warned the unsuspecting public that the music industry is crafted to be as evil as possible, and being a first-hand witness, he warns unsuspecting listeners to pay attention to what they are consuming from the industry.

“These people sit together and be like okay we need to see which song of our rapper artist is going to kill the most people and cause the most people to kill each other through psychological warfare. How many, how— which song on this list is going to cause a giant many children to start wanting to shoot each other to start wanting to use guns for the wrong things.”

Levy said the music industry and Hollywood has become a battle for people’s souls. While the reason for his interview with Whitlock being removed from YouTube is unknown, Levy doubled down on his comments with Fox News with a final word of warning to the music industry.

“Now, I see from my perspective how all of these artists in the industry — they know not what they do, you know, and God forgives them for that. But like there’s some point where God gives you the eyes to see, and you have a chance to turn from the past of the agendas that you’re promoting… If you’re given the eyes to see it, you have to deny that money. You have to deny that world. You have to deny the fame, everything, and just do what’s right for God, for freedom, for America,” he said.

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