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Amazon Prime To Stream ‘Frida’ Documentary On Iconic Mexican Artist

Explore the untold story of Frida Kahlo's life and artistry in a revealing documentary premiering on Amazon MGM Studios.

Amazon MGM Studios will be streaming the documentary, “Frida”, based on the life and times of the famous Mexican painter, Frida Kahlo.


The documentary poster for “Frida” that will be streaming on Friday. The documentary explores the true character of famous Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo. (AMAZON PRIME/EPK) 


The Mexican artist, whose name was Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y Calderon, was an icon in her country where she travelled through Mexico and the United States with her husband Diego Rivera where she developed her artistic craft inspired by her country’s folk culture. 


The producers for this document gained unrestricted access to research materials that was never shown to the general public. 


The documentary was directed by Carla Gutierrez, where she spent two years with a team of artisans where they developed filming experience where they beyond the exclusivity of art history. 


The voice of her artistic work still stands supreme where the multitude of her work has been described as fearless, seductive, defiant, vulnerable, raucous, and wonderfully alive. 


“People that watched earlier cuts of the film were surprised by how humorous and deprecating she was,” said Gutiérrez in her work about findings about Kahlo. “Her sassiness when she was dealing with the world, especially in America, a lot of people enjoyed seeing that. Because she’s such an iconic symbol, in a way, she’s kind of a confined person.”


Producers were Katia Maguire, Loren Hammonds, Alexandra Johnes, Sara Bernstein, and Justin Wilkes. Executive producers for the documentary were Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, Julie Cohen, Betsey West, Lynne Benioff, Alexa Conway, and Meredith Kaulfers.


As so today, Kahlo’s artistic work is still regarded very highly in Mexico and the Latino community in the United States as diaspora whom Latina females see as a role model.


“Frida Kahlo did bring up particular associations in my mind. She’s an iconic figure connecting many Latinos across the broad diaspora that is being Latino in the United States,” said Maguire about the influence of Kahlo’s paintings of Latina women in the United States. “I had intimate connections to her. My mother was a huge fan of hers. She was so proud that there was this very rebellious Latina who represented Latinidad here in the United States for her.”


Kahlo’s character was described mixed where she was sometimes contradicting opinions and rude but often was ambitious and down on herself, according to Maguire.


Certain characters of her were described in the documentary where she would lose her temper as she had the notion of getting mad easily. She would laker apologize. 


“Our goal was always to try to show Frida in the way that we felt was guided by her honesty, openness, and what she was sharing,” said Maguire about the end game for the film. “We always followed her guidance regarding what she wanted to share.”

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