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Why Are Dads So Hard To Shop For?

Nearly 40% of people polled say their father is by far the most challenging person for who to find a gift.

Dads really are the hardest to buy gifts for, according to research.

A survey of 2,000 UK-based adults found 38 percent of those who search for gifts are in no doubt their father is by far the most challenging person to shop for – well ahead of moms (15 percent).

And when they ask their pop what they might like, 44 percent claim they always receive the same response: ‘I don’t need anything.’

(Photo by RDNE Stock project via Pexels)

Other phrases dads might use when asked what they want, which are of no use at all to the present buyer, include ‘save your money for something else’ (27 percent) or simply ‘I dunno’ (17 percent).

As a result, they are likely to be gifted ‘old favorites’ such as socks (22 percent), craft beer (19 percent) and aftershave (17 percent).

Although 65 percent admit they would like to get their dad something ‘more inspired’ but have no idea what.

But dads have spoken out on what they really want for Father’s Day this year – including a meal out, a good bottle of wine, or a good book.

A spokesperson for Virgin Red, which commissioned the study, said: “It can be easy to fall into clichés and get dads the same old thing year after year.

Dads are difficult to buy for, survey shows. (Photo by RDNE Stock project via Pexels)

“While it’s the thought that counts, there is inspiration for those who are searching for it, if you know where to look.

“Father’s Day doesn’t have to cost the earth and there’s plenty of creative ways to find and get the perfect gift.

“Hunting for bargains, searching his hobbies online or using loyalty points could help find just what you need.”

The study also found the average respondent spends £33.80 ($42.51) on a Father’s Day gift, although 36 percent find the process at least somewhat difficult.

In the lead-up, 26 percent feel uninspired, 15 percent feel stressed and 11 percent even get nervous.

But 28 percent admit to a so-so success rate when it comes to getting presents for their old man.

Despite this, of the dads polled, 83 percent claim they are generally happy with the standard of gifts they receive on the day.

And 39 percent believe themselves to be easy to buy for, according to figures.

Less than a third (32 percent) also confess to actively disliking people making a fuss over them.

Virgin Red’s spokesperson added: “Our results appear to show that dads aren’t really bothered about what they get – it is the thought that counts.

“That said, it’s possible to get a gift that your dad will also really love or use regularly.”


  1. A meal out
  2. Wine
  3. A well-thought day out
  4. Books
  5. Craft beer
  6. Tickets to a game
  7. Aftershave
  8. Tech
  9. An all-inclusive holiday
  10. Their favorite team’s shirt/jersey


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