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“Napoleon” To Stream On AppleTV+

The film reveals the dark past and motives of the French revolutionary.

“Napoleon” will be streaming on AppleTV+ on Wednesday that stars Academy Award winner Joaquin Phoenix and Academy Award nominee Vanessa Kirby.

Joaquin Phoenix as Napoleon Bonaparte in the film “Napoleon”. (APPLETV/EPK TV) 

The film is the depiction of the rise and fall of the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte and his relentless journey through power along with his wife, Josephine. 

Napoleon’s rose to prominence during the French Revolution that dives back into the history of Europe that led to end of the French monarchy and the leading to the beginnings of the French presidency.

It one of the historic notable films to premiere at the start of the holidays that is directed by Ridley Scott.

This is film is a case study of the handling two of the biggest challenges of biopics, one perennial, and the shaping of a luminary’s life into a story.

Some critics didn’t have a positive feel for the feel, but Scott that backfired on the citics.

“When you start to go ‘oh my God’ and then you say ‘Christ, we can’t eat for another hour’, it’s too long,” said Scott in his rebuff of the film. “The reverse angle in the trees was where I made Gladiator, I managed to blend them digitally, so you get the scale and the scope”.

This is one of two films that Scott made with Phoenix when he worked with the award-winning actor on “Gladiator” as the emperor Commondus.

“The studio did not want me for Gladiator,” said Phoenix in his recollection in being casted for the film with Scott 23 years ago. “In fact, Ridley was given an ultimatum and he fought for me and it was just this extraordinary experience.”

Phoenix portrays Napoleon, as Kirby portrays Napoleon’s wife, Josephine.

“He moves really fast. You might have five big scenes in one day, which means you’re on the fly,” said Kirby on her role of working with Scott on the film.

The cast of Napoleon includes Tahar Rahim, Rupert Everett, Mark Bonnar, Paul Rhys, Ben Mile, and Riana Duce.

The film was writer by David Scarpa, who is best known for “All the Money in the World” (2017), “The Day the Earth Stood Still” (2008), and “The Last Castle” (2001).

Movie was produced by Jimmy Abounanouom, Winston Azzopardi, Aidan Elliott, Nicola Fedrigoni, Mark Huffam, Raymond Kirk, Janin Modder, Kevin J. Walsh, and including Scott himself.

Cinematography was done by Dariusz Wolski, best known for “The Martian” (2015), “Crimson Tide” (1995), Prometheus (2012), and “News of the World” (2020).

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