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Apple Pencil 3 With USB-C Charging: A Solution To Compatibility Issues

Code reference in iOS 17.1 Beta 2 sparks speculation about next-gen stylus features.
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The discovery of a code reference within Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) latest operating version, iOS 17.1 Beta 2, has raised questions about the potential development of an Apple Pencil 3 featuring USB-C charging support.

The 10.9-inch iPad, released in October last year, had posed a challenge regarding Apple Pencil compatibility. Due to design constraints, it couldn’t support the magnetic second-generation Apple Pencil, leading to the use of dongles for users who wanted to employ the original Apple Pencil with USB-C iPads.

The USB-C port on an Apple iPhone 15 series device is displayed for sale at The Grove Apple retail store on release day in Los Angeles, California, on September 22, 2023. (PATRICK T. FALLON/GETTY IMAGES) 

Within the iOS 17.1 Beta 2 code, a reference to an Apple Pencil 3 with USB-C charging capabilities was uncovered by Steve Moser. This revelation has ignited speculation about Apple’s plans for its next-generation stylus.

If the code hints indeed materialize, it could signify a solution to this cumbersome charging situation. Simply put, a USB-C-compatible Apple Pencil 3 would eliminate the need for dongles.

Moser also noted that this code could also be related to the USB-C to Apple Pencil Adapter, which is used to connect and charge the first-generation Apple Pencil with the 10th-generation iPad.

“iOS 17.1 Beta 2 (21B5056e) changes,” said Moser on X (formerly known as Twitter. “Double Tap support added to watchOS 10.1 Beta 2 for Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 and new standby settings

In addition to USB-C charging, there have been whispers of the Apple Pencil 3 featuring interchangeable magnetic tips, a Digital Crown cap, haptic feedback, and color sampling. However, these rumors remain unconfirmed. 

For the unversed, in 2015, Apple introduced the Apple Pencil, its first-ever stylus designed to pair with the original iPad Pro. This move was surprising as Steve Jobs, the company’s late co-founder, was famously against styluses. 

However, the device has turned out to be handy for tasks like note-taking and sketching on iPads. Users can use the Apple Pencil instead of their fingers to perform actions like opening apps and scrolling, but it’s also integrated into the iPadOS operating system.

The USB-C cord had been previously used in Samsung products including the Galaxy Note. Apple had adopted USB-C plug-in for the MacBook Pro in the mid-2010.

The USB-C cord is now being used in the iPhone 15 as Apple has deviated away from the previous plug-in source for the iconic phone. 



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