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Modern Men Embrace Sensitivity, Showing Positive Traits Of Leadership

New study reveals men are in touch with their feelings and view sensitivity as a valuable quality for success

Modern men are now just as likely as women to openly display a sensitive side, according to research.

A poll of 2,000 adults found 71% of men confess to being in touch with their feelings, versus 82% of women. And across all respondents who are sensitive, 41% outwardly show it ‘often’ or ‘always’.

(Photo by BUDGERON BACH via Pexels)

A third (33%) think being in tune with how they feel is a sign of a good leader. And while 37% of men would consider being called ‘sensitive’ complimentary, only 23 % of women feel the same way. In fact, 24% of females polled would feel insulted if someone referred to them in this way.

Commissioned by Aveeno, the study found 55% of respondents think when people openly show their sensitive side it makes them more likable.

The research found 48% believe it’s more socially acceptable for women to show their sensitive side than men, but in general, 52% consider being seen as sensitive to be a positive trait, and 44% say it can help one’s ability to succeed in their career.

The majority (85%) also feel that a good leader in the workplace can be both confident and sensitive.

And more than a third have been in a work situation where they felt their emotional intelligence was an asset.

(Photo by EREN LI via Pexels)

Just over six in ten (61%) believe good listening skills show someone has compassion, while 48% cite open-mindedness.

For 45%, good communication skills are vital, according to the OnePoll figures.

Aveeno has also revealed a series of striking videos and photographs captured by acclaimed photographer, Julia Fullerton-Batten.

‘My Sensitive Side’ shows four powerful women–stylist Melissa Holdbrook-Akposoe, athlete Dina Asher-Smith, lawyer Thandi Maqubela and nurse Olivia Tompkins–intimately revealing their own sensitive sides.

Julia Fullerton-Batten said, “It’s been an incredible experience to work with such strong, independent women, and to strip back any reservations, to create intimate images that spotlight their vulnerabilities as their own unique superpower.

“My hope is that these striking images will empower individuals to honor and embrace their own vulnerabilities and break the stigma surrounding sensitivity.” 

Dermatologist, Dr. Cristina Psomadakis (aka ‘Dr Soma’) added: “It’s in our nature to be sensitive. It’s something we all face at times in our life when the world around us tests our resilience and strength.

“As our body’s largest and most visible organ, our skin can mirror how we are feeling or what we’re experiencing – when it becomes sensitive, it’s because that skin barrier is weakened and compromised.

“This campaign brings to life how sometimes all it takes is something or someone to turn to that will support us during these sensitive times, and the same can be said for our skin”.  

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Edited by Joseph Donald Gunderson and Kyana Jeanin Rubinfeld

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