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Zenger Raises $10 Million in Series Seed Funding Round

The world’s first digitally native wire service, Zenger News, announced today that it has closed a $10 million Series Seed round.

The world’s first digitally native wire service, Zenger News, announced today that it has closed a Series Seed round, raising $10 million.

This investment is being used to enhance Zenger’s propriety software and onboard an ever-growing number of news outlets, within the United States, Mexico, Central America, South Asia, and the Middle East.

Zenger is a B2B news wire, delivering both print and video news, in both English and Spanish languages, to publicly traded and privately held news outlets around the world.

Zenger’s model is different because it supplies its news content at no cost to news outlets; its unique software attaches advertising to its news stories. That advertising creates a revenue stream for both Zenger and news outlets that carry its content. Reporters and editors are unaware of and unconnected to the advertising, which is assigned, in nanoseconds, via an open bidding process using programmatic software.

Notable investors include Jean-Guillaume de Tocqueville, a Paris-based lineal descendant of Alexis de Tocqueville, the author of Democracy in America, and Andre M. Johnson, former press spokesman for the Al Sharpton presidential campaign, and former Washington Post reporter.

“We are heartened by the wide-ranging support we have received from investors, who recognize the great potential of Zenger’s model to generate the highest quality news as well as significant returns,” said Zenger’s CEO Richard Miniter. “$10 million is a huge raise for a Series Seed in a media-tech startup, and therefore a huge vote of confidence.”

About Zenger News:  Zenger is the world’s first digitally native wire service. It has more than 40 full-time editors spread across New York, Washington, Los Angeles, Mumbai, Vienna, and Nairobi. Zenger has more than 2,300 registered journalists reporting from 109 countries. Its customers include Forbes, Newsweek, and hundreds of newspapers, radio, and television stations across the United States. Zenger also has assembled the nation’s largest network of African-American news outlets.

Zenger News is a product of Z News Service, Inc., a Delaware corporation, domiciled in Austin, Texas.

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