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Amazon’s “The Beekeeper” Will Stream On Friday

The Amazon is based on a true story from Kurt Wimmer's experience.

Amazon MGM Studios “The Beekeeper” will be streaming on Friday in an action thriller in Jason Statham’s latest film.


Movie poster of “The Beekeeper” starring Jason Statham. (AMAZON PRIME/EPK TV) 


The film also stars Jeremy Irons, Emmy Raver-Lampman, Bobby Naderi, and Josh Hutcherson with David Ayer as the director.


Statham both stars and also the producer along with Bill Block, Chris Long, and Kurt Wimmer, who’s the writer of the screenplay.


The story follows a professional beekeeper, Adam Clay (Statham), who is a retired from his profession. He learns that his landlord and friend Eloise Parker’s (Phylicia Rashad) finances were bled dry as she takes her own life.


He realizes that a criminal syndicate uses scams that target the weakest and the elderly in society as a utilizing a telemarketing scheme as a tactic.


It is revealed that Clay is a former operative of a powerful and clandestine organization called “Beekeepers”.


Wimmer wrote this screenplay based on an experience years ago when his aunt in Germany. His aunt had a housekeeper how moved in and got access to her bank accounts. 


“The Beekeeper” writer’s relative died broke. This incident has stayed with Wimmer ever since.


“This movie is my fantasy world,” said Wimmer about why he wrote “The Beekeeper” screenplay. “What could I do to these people who hurt somebody who is helpless? I want a white knight for people who need it, who really need it.”


Statham and Wimmer had previously worked together on “Expendables 4” as they are old friends.


The British actor continues to thrive in the action thrillers as he has over the years as he relates to the character that he plays in the film.


“What we know is, Clay has an incredible skill set. He’s almost like a super soldier that is there to protect society,” said Statham about his character. “When society can’t protect itself, he’s the person, a Beekeeper, that comes in to recreate the equilibrium. That’s what Adam Clay really stands for – he is one of these guys that doesn’t really exist. He’s almost liked this ghost that comes in and course corrects.”


Adam Clay’s nemesis, Wallace Westwyld (Irons), is a life-long government diplomat who works for his partner’s son’s enterprise. Westwyld has been pulled aside to keep him his boss out of the newspapers and away from drugs.


“It’s great working with Jason,” said Irons in his work with Statham, “He is a master of what he does, a very nice man, quiet, gentle, immensely professional, who I’ve watched since he first appeared in The Transporter.”


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