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Tuesday Is The Most ‘afternoon Slump’-inducing Day, Says Survey

New research reveals the average afternoon slump starts at 3pm, lasting nearly 29 minutes.

The average “afternoon slump” starts at 3 o’clock on the dot, according to new research. For those who experience a loss of motivation or lack of energy in the afternoon, the average afternoon slump will last almost 29 minutes.


Of those who experience an afternoon slump — 21% of the 2,000 general population Americans surveyed — half (49%) said there’s a specific day of the week when they’re more likely to experience an afternoon slump. And Tuesday was revealed to be the most “afternoon slump”-inducing day for respondents. Commissioned by Second Nature Snacks and conducted by OnePoll, the survey looked at the causes of a “slump” (in the afternoon or otherwise), and the steps respondents take to regain their motivation once a slump starts.


For those who experience slumps (74%), the top cause was a lack of caffeine (56%), followed by boredom (53%) — with a lack of energy (53%) rounding out the top three reasons. A lack of food (51%) and a lack of sleep (41%) rounded out the top five causes for a slump. Respondents should be extra mindful of preventing slumps now: over a third (37%) said the season (e.g., colder/darker days in winter) will increase their likelihood of experiencing a slump. They should be careful of their workday, too, as sitting in one place for too long (23%) and not having taken a break in several hours (20%) also lead to slumps for respondents.


“As the afternoon slump sets in, it’s your body’s gentle reminder of the need to re-energize. We weren’t surprised to see that a lack of food is one of the top causes of an afternoon slump, which is why we’ve developed a range of delicious snack mixes to boost energy and satisfy your craving — our trail mix and nut blends offer tasty flavor combinations with vital nutrients to help you through the slump and keep your day going,” said Jen Bauer, Chief Marketing Officer at Second Nature Snacks.


The good news is that the majority (67%) of respondents think it’s easy to get out of a slump when it hits — and 74% use the same steps each time, to get themselves back to normal. This involves taking a walk (58%), eating a meal (55%) or exercising (49%). Respondents will also take a nap (47%) or eat a snack (45%). And it takes less than 15 minutes for people to turn to food, to help them get out of a slump. The top food they turn to? According to the survey results, it’s nuts or trail mix (56%). Nuts or trail mix was followed by pretzels (52%), chips (52%) and candy, other than chocolate (46%).


For those who eat nuts, peanuts (67%), walnuts (64%) and Brazil nuts (55%) were the top choice — and when it comes to trail mix, respondents want chocolate (63%), seeds (50%) and granola (48%) to be incorporated. Sixty-four percent of respondents said eating healthy foods keeps them motivated in the afternoon. Not only that, but respondents also reported a boost of energy (68%), feeling more optimistic (63%) and more productive (52%) after eating a healthy meal or snack in the afternoon.


“Afternoons are better with healthy snacks — they’re the antidote to afternoon slumps, providing the fuel your body needs to get through the busy day. Whether it’s the satisfying crunch of nuts or the sweetness of dried fruits or chocolate, trail mix is a tasty, nutrient-packed snack that provides a boost of antioxidants and plant protein, so you’ll be full and satiated any time you need a boost,” said Ashley Wilson, Senior Associate Brand Manager at Second Nature Snacks. 


Produced in association with SWNS Research

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