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‌Holidays Generate A Quarter Of Revenue For SMEs

Constant Contact report highlights the crucial role of holiday sales for small businesses and offers strategies for success
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A recent study by Constant Contact, a digital marketing and automation platform, has revealed that the holiday season is more crucial to small businesses than many shoppers may know. The recent study found that the last quarter of the year accounts for at least 25% of annual revenue for small businesses, making it a pivotal time for them financially. Thanksgiving and Christmas becoming crucial for SMEs.

“The holiday period is a crucial time of year for small businesses as they work overtime to attract new customers, hit revenue goals, and plan for the year ahead,” said Laura Goldberg, chief marketing officer at Constant Contact. “Our latest Small Business Now report quantifies the impact that holiday shopping has on small businesses that power our communities and it also reveals opportunities where they can tweak their marketing strategies to activate their Q4 customers.”

Constant Contact digital and email marketing platform company image. Small Businesses reap big during the holiday season enabling them to attain their annual revenue targets. CONSTANT CONTACT. 

The study also evaluated the importance of consumer holiday spending and the strategies used by small businesses to maximize sales. According to the report 75% of retail SMBs rely heavily on holiday clients and 73% admit that holiday season sales account for over one quarter of their annual sales. Additionally, 58% of the retail SMBs admitted that holiday clients are “extremely important” to the overall success of their enterprises.

Despite the significance of holiday sales, many small businesses struggle to effectively market, nurture, and retain their holiday customers throughout the rest of the year. This disconnect between the importance of holiday sales and the lack of effective marketing strategies notes the need for small businesses to enhance their efforts to engage with customers during the holidays and beyond.

“Constant Contact is a trusted partner to small businesses around the world and we will continue to fuel their success with powerful marketing tools to help them send better emails and texts to holiday customers, meet year-end objectives and keep those shoppers engaged in the new year,” added Goldberg.

The company’s Small Business Now report offered valuable insights into consumer holiday shopping trends and provides actionable strategies for small businesses to maximize their holiday sales and achieve their annual revenue goals.

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