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Taylor Vs. Cameron: Can Taylor Avenge Her First Professional Boxing Loss?

Katie Taylor seeks redemption in rematch against Chantelle Cameron

DUBLIN — The second chapter of Katie Taylor vs. Chantelle Cameron bout will take place on Saturday, November 25, at the Three Arena in Dublin.

Taylor, 37, from Ireland is entirely focused on avenging her defeat and giving her supporters cause for celebration. Taylor(22-1, 6KOs) suffered her first professional boxing loss in May, and the fact that it was her homecoming match added to the pain.

“I’m delighted the rematch has been made and really can’t wait for another huge night in November. I relish challenges like this and these are the occasions I live for,” said Taylor in media reports.

“Many fighters often opt to take easier fights to keep that zero in the L column,” she added

Dublin was chosen as the location of the rematch despite Chantelle Cameron’s request for it to happen in the United Kingdom. The fact that Cameron(18-0, 8KOs) was unable to have her own homecoming has been a cause of disappointment.

WBC, WBA, IBF, and WBO light-welterweight champion Chantelle Cameron is the first unchallenged champion in England’s history of four belts.

“To go over to Ireland for her homecoming with my belts on the line and beat her was a brilliant experience, but beating her on 25 November will surpass that as I know what to expect now. I’ve boxed at that high level with a huge amount of pressure on me and the crowd against me. Going into 25 November,” said Cameron in media reports.

“I’m going in there with more aggression and energy and I’m confident of getting the job done in better fashion. I’m going to be a lot better in the rematch. In the gym we’re correcting mistakes that I’ve made. There were little things that I was doing during the first fight that led to me being headbutted a lot – that’s why my face was very bruised up at the end of the fight,” she added.

“I think I’m all wrong for Katie. I’m too big, I’m too strong and my will to win is too strong. I’m going to be there all night long. Katie picked the wrong fighter to fight,” she continued.

“What’s the latest with Florida Man?”

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