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Adam Azim Dominates Franck Petitjean, Aims To Become World Champion

Azim's dominant performance leads to a victory over Petitjean as he sets his sights on a world title

WOLVERHAMPTON, England — Adam Azim dominated most of the fight on Saturday night, exerting pressure and using his punches effectively. He defeated Franck Petitjean to capture the EBU European Super Lightweight in Wolverhampton.

Adam Azim,21 , from England dominated the match, controlling the defending champion with a body blow in the fifth round. Prior to the bout, Petitjean had only lost one fight since winning the vacant EBU title over Samuel Molina in June. 

Franck Petitjean(24-7-3, 6 KOs) a 35-year old professional boxer from France, beat the count but after trying twice, his corner gave up in the tenth round.
Azim(10-0, 7 KOs) aims to become a world champion by the age of 22 so as to follow in the footsteps of his idol, Amir Khan. He turns 22 in July of next year.

“I’m feeling amazing,” said Azim in media reports after he won.

“I want to thank my team and the main man Shane McGuigan for getting me to this point,” he added.

“He [Petitjean] was really tough, I knew I couldn’t stop him in the early rounds, this was a development fight for me. I had to chop the tree down and I did that,” he said.

“I could have gone another 15 rounds then,” he continued.

Azim exerted pressure, boxed, and used his punches to maintain control for most of the fight. 

He used a body shot to score a knockdown in the fifth, but a low blow in the ninth earned him a point deduction. 

As the fight went on, Petitjean appeared more and more intent on avoiding Azim’s heavy strikes and frequently coasted around the ring with his legs to avoid problems.

Azim used punches to punish Petitjean in the tenth round. Petitjean was taking more hits than he could have avoided, and his legs could no longer coast around the ring. 

Petitjean absorbed a flurry of uppercuts to fall for the second time during the fight while he was pressed up against the ropes. 

Down on his knees, he clearly looked like a finished boxer, and the referee waived off the battle to save him more harm.

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