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‌From Tyson Fury To Manchester United, Meet WOW HYDRATE Duo Brokering Sports Biggest Partnerships

Brand's commitment to hydration and performance aligns with club's values, expanding global reach

Manchester United is one of the most popular and successful football clubs in the world. With a fan base of estimated 650 million people worldwide, its home games at Old Trafford are regularly attended by over 75,000 fans. 

Securing a partnership with Manchester United is a significant achievement for any brand, and WOW HYDRATE’s success in doing so is a testament to the combined efforts of Jake Brocklesby, the brand’s Global Director and UK Managing Director Queenie Porter. Their drive and commercial acumen have undoubtedly played a crucial role in securing this lucrative deal and expanding WOW HYDRATE’s global reach.

In their exclusive interview with Sports Illustrated, Jake and Queenie shared insights into their strategic approach to securing this collaboration. They emphasized the importance of building genuine connections with key decision-makers at Manchester United, demonstrating a deep understanding of the club’s values and aspirations. 

The pair also highlighted the need to showcase WOW HYDRATE’s unique value proposition, aligning the brand’s commitment to hydration and performance with the needs of Manchester United’s athletes and fans.

“We’re so proud to be working with a club like Manchester United. We know we have a fantastic brand and amazing hydration products, and we’ve made great strides over the years to get WOW HYDRATE into retailers, gyms and into the hands of professional athletes. Now we want to grow the brand to the next level to become the best sports drink in the global market and by partnering with Manchester United, we’re confident that WOW HYDRATE will continue to gain recognition internationally,” said Queenie in the interview. 

“It’s about redefining athlete well-being and setting new standards. Manchester United embodies the spirit of teamwork and innovation. We share a collective pursuit of excellence and we can’t wait to execute the initiatives that we have lined up with Manchester United,” said Jake and Queenie, in their shared vision, articulated the essence of the collaboration. 

Queenie emphasized, “Our product isn’t just a refreshment; it’s a testament to our belief in its benefits. We started as a brand that wanted to tackle healthy hydration and authenticity has always been one of our core values. Partnering with Manchester United validates our commitment to providing top level hydration that will benefit anyone from the wellness minded individual all the way up to professional sports superstars.”

Talking about the benefits of proper hydration, Jake explained how the brand has always been focused on health and performance. Working with Manchester United’s elite athletes reflects WOW HYDRATE’s goals in this regard.

 “This partnership signifies a shift in the paradigm of player wellbeing. It’s not just about winning games; it’s about ensuring athletes perform at their peak while nurturing their overall health. WOW HYDRATE products are rooted in this ethos.”

(Additional reporting provided by Joseph Hammond)

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