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Latest Poll Results From 7 Swing States Show Trump Building On His Lead

Donald Trump seems to be pushing ahead in the presidential election race despite his legal challenges.

Donald Trump seems to be pushing ahead in the presidential election race despite his legal challenges, going by the results of a recent poll published late Thursday.

Stickers of “I Voted”. Trump is currently leading Biden in several swing states in the latest polling. (ELEMENT5 DIGITAL/UNSPLASHED) 

Trump is leading President Joe Biden in six of the seven surveyed 2024 swing states, the November survey done by decision intelligence company Morning Consult on behalf of Bloomberg News showed.

The results were from a ballot that included Biden, Trump and third-party candidates such as Robert Kennedy Jr. and Cornel West.

It also included options for respondents to write another name, answer as “don’t know/no opinion” or say they wouldn’t vote.

Trump’s lead over Biden was 4 percentage points in Arizona, 9 points in Georgia, 4 points in Nevada, 9 points in North Carolina, 3 points in Pennsylvania and 2 points in Wisconsin. 

The only state Biden led was Michigan, where he has a one-point lead.

When the third-party candidates were removed from the ballot, Biden lost the lead, with both he and Trump earning 43% support.

The voters in the seven states considered the economy as the most important issue, in line with their thinking in the October survey. 

About 2 to 4% of the voters now think the Israel-Hamas war is one of the most important factors in making their choices in the 2024 election. “Voters reported having more trust in Trump to handle the war than in Biden,” Morning Consult noted.

Swing states are states that are too close to call. These states have in the past swung back and forth between Republicans and Democrats in recent years, and are often referred to as “battleground states” as candidates typically double up campaign efforts there to gain an edge.

With a year to go before the election, the poll results should be taken with a pinch of salt. 

Trump has an overwhelming lead in the Republican presidential primary but has mounting legal challenges that could impede his campaign.

The former president had endorsed Jim West for the West Virginia senate seat as Sen. Joe Manchin (D) had decided not to seek re-election.

“Because I Endorsed Big Jim Justice of West Virginia for the U.S. Senate, and he has taken a commanding lead, Democrat Joe Manchin has decided not to seek re-election. Looking good for Big Jim,” said Trump on Truth Social.

Democratic lawmakers have expressed their concern about the polls with Trump as a real possibility being re-elected for a second term.

Biden has stated he’s not concern about the polls in a re-match with Trump.


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