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Israeli Military Operations In Gaza Intensify, Dozens Killed In Al-Maghazi Refugee Camp

Israeli Defense Forces escalate attacks in Gaza, leaving dozens dead and raising concerns over humanitarian crisis

RAMALLAH, — Israeli’s Military operations have been intensified in Gaza with the latest bombings targeting three refugee camps killing dozens and wounding several others. al-Maghazi attacks are the latest.

In the last 24 hours Israeli Defense Forces have intensified their attacks in Gaza with the latest attack being al-Maghazi where 47 people are feared dead. Saturday night attacks also saw Jabalia camp bombed leaving at least six individuals killed.

Attack on al-Maghazi refugee camp in Gaza on Saturday October 4 night by Israeli military personnel has left over 47 people killed. REUTERS. 

Later on Sunday, Dr. Eyad Abu Zaher who is a hospital director gave a conflicting figure from what the ministry of health had reported. He said that 52 persons were killed.

Last Sunday, an Israel air attack targeted residentials in the Bureij refugee camp, leaving over 20 Palestinians killed.  

“The victims of the air raid on al-Maghazi camp were taken to al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in Deir el-Balah,”said the Ministry of Health in the Hamas-run strip.

“One of the houses in the camp was struck. This house was crowded with residents. Its residents were bombed while they were safe in their homes,” said head of nursing Dr. Khalil Al-Daqran.

“Video taken at the Al-Aqsa Martyr’s Hospital showed multiple bodies laid out under white tarpaulins, including small figures believed to be children, and more bodies were still coming in from the Al-Maghazi refugee camp,” said Dr. Al-Daqran.

“The hospital is not equipped to accept the high number of patients, and the shortage of fuel and supplies makes it impossible to adequately treat the wounded,” he added.

“The number of people inside the hospital who need treatment is more than double the number of beds in the hospital,” he asserted.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) has been conducting intense operations  in Gaza Strip for the last four weeks. It embarked on annihilating Hamas group after it penetrated Israeli border in the October 7 attacks where 1400 persons were killed and over 200 people taken hostage.

The al-Maghazi attacks came days after the Arab nations called for an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. However, the ceasefire calls have been rejected by both the United States and Israel.  

Attack on al-Maghazi refugee camp in Gaza on Saturday October 4 night by Israeli military personnel has left over 47 people killed. REUTERS. 

“A full ceasefire would leave Hamas in place to regroup and repeat attacks,” said US Secretary of State Antony Blinken in Amman when he met his Jordanian alongside Egyptian counterparts. 

Instead, the United States President Joe Biden’s administration advocates for localized “humanitarian pauses” to assist in the delivery of aid into the war zone as well as efforts to guarantee the release of those held hostage by Hamas. 

“Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has rejected a temporary cessation in the war unless it involves the release of the more than 240 Israelis and foreigners believed to have been taken captive by the Palestinian armed group,” said Foreign Affairs Ministry official. 

Edited by Judy J. Rotich and Newsdesk Manager

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