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Exclusive! Lightweight Boxer Joe Cordina Donates His Sponsorship From WOW HYDRATE To A Cardiff Gym

Cordina's generous gesture shows his appreciation for the gym and the people who helped him get to where he is today.

MONACO — Joe Cordina, 31, the well-known boxer from Wales, has decided to generously give back to the Cardiff community that influenced his career as he gets ready for his eagerly awaited world title fight this weekend in Monte Carlo.

The lightweight boxer will donate his sponsorship from WOW HYDRATE, one of the world’s top hydration and recovery brand, to the boxing gym where he started his amateur career and took his first steps in the ring.

Cordina(16-0, 9 KOs) is an inspiration to young athletes in his community  because of his dedication to boxing at the grassroots level. By making the decision to help his local boxing gym, Cordina hopes to give others the same chances that helped him reach the top of his sport.

“I owe everything to my local boxing gym and the guidance I received there. WOW HYDRATE has supported me throughout my career with first class nutrition which would have also helped me a lot when I was a young aspiring boxer. So, it feels incredibly gratifying to be able to support the future generation of boxers as they pursue their dreams,” said Joe Cordina in a media statement while expressing his desire to return the favor to the place that helped launch his career.

By giving them access to top-notch nutrition to support their training and recuperation, the donation will help Cardiff’s youthful talent and rising stars. 

Cordina’s deed of kindness will have a significant and enduring effect on the boxing community in the area, contributing to the development of an even more supportive and empowering atmosphere for aspiring champions.

“We have worked with Joe since the very beginning of WOW HYDRATE and the early days of his career. We’re incredibly proud to see Joe challenge for the World Title this weekend, and to pass forward our sponsorship to his very first boxing club is a fitting testament to our long relationship together,” said Queenie Porter, Managing Director of WOW HYDRATE.

In light of his upcoming world title bout, Cordina’s choice to support his local boxing gym highlights his conviction that developing talent from the ground up is crucial.

Cordina wants to encourage and inspire people to follow in his footsteps by supporting the development of up-and-coming athletes.

Joe Cordina is aiming for greatness in the ring, and the entire boxing community is excitedly awaiting his world title bout in Monaco. His dedication to helping boxing at the grassroots level demonstrates his humility and dedication for the sport that has changed his life. 

(Additional reporting provided by Joseph Hammond)

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