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Israel-Gaza Conflict: Concerns Of War Crimes Emerge As Humanitarian Effort Begins

Israel's attacks on Gaza's refugee camp raise concerns of disproportionate force, while evacuation efforts are underway.

It has been 27 days since the tragic events of Oct. 7 when the Palestinian terrorist group of Hamas conducted a series of deadly attacks in Israel and abducted 240 hostages who are still held in Gaza, triggering military responses from Tel Aviv’s army.

A group of IDF soldiers overlooking Israel. Combat operations in Israel at war with Hamas underway as the Jewish state retaliates against Hamas’ October 7 attack. (TIMON STUDLER/UNSPLASHED) 

The primary generator supplying power to the Gaza Indonesian Hospital experienced a failure on Wednesday night, as stated by Dr. Atef Al Kahlout, the director of Gaza’s Indonesian Hospital, to CNN on Thursday.

The UN Human Rights Office has raised concerns that Israel’s attacks on Jabalya, Gaza’s largest refugee camp, may potentially constitute war crimes due to the significant number of civilian casualties and extensive destruction.

“Given the high number of civilian casualties & the scale of destruction following Israeli airstrikes on Jabalia refugee camp, we have serious concerns that these are disproportionate attacks that could amount to war crimes,” said the UN Human Rights in a statement on X, formerly known as Twitter.

The humanitarian effort is under for foreigners to clear The Gaza Strip through Egypt as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu refused to cease fire.

“Wounded people, along with 500 foreign or dual nationals and aid  workers are expected be allowed to exit Gaza to Egypt today, according to Gazan authorities and Western diplomats,” said Matina Stevis-Gredniff, a New York Times correspondent based in Brussels.

In Gaza City, Israeli airstrikes also targeted the vicinity of Al Quds hospital, where thousands of displaced individuals have sought shelter, according to the hospital’s director, who spoke to CNN on Thursday.

On Thursday, six American citizens arrived on the Egyptian side of the Rafah crossing from Gaza. This development followed the opening of the crossing on Wednesday, enabling the evacuation of numerous foreign nationals and injured Palestinians. An internal U.S. government document obtained by CNN earlier indicated the departure of U.S. citizens from Gaza was anticipated to commence on Thursday.

In the northern Gaza region, Hamas’ defensive positions continue to weaken as they withdraw toward the central part of the enclave, according to a spokesperson for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

Reports from the Times of Israel indicate the Israeli military is launching a comprehensive operation to destroy Hamas tunnels in various areas of the Gaza Strip. The “IDF’s Military Intelligence Directorate” stated the “targets center” has identified approximately 1,200 new targets associated with Hamas in the Gaza Strip, also thanks to the use of artificial intelligence and automated tools.

The IDF said it killed Muhammad A’sar, who held responsibility for all of Hamas’ anti-tank missile units throughout Gaza.

“The IDF eliminated Muhammad A’sar, the Head of Hamas’ Anti-Tank Missile Unit in Gaza,” said the IDF in a statement on X. “A’sar was responsible for all of Hamas’ anti-tank missile units throughout Gaza. Under his command, numerous anti-tank missile attacks were carried out against civilians and IDF soldiers.”

According to the Iran Press News Agency, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said the U.S. government is the “main cause of crimes” in Palestine, condemning the violation of human rights from those “who allegedly call themselves as exemplar of human rights.”

According to Al Jazeera, Bahrain has announced the recall of its ambassador to Israel and the suspension of all economic relations with Israel. This move by Bahrain follows Jordan’s decision to recall its ambassador to Israel as a protest against the ongoing conflict, which Jordan referred to as a “catastrophe.”



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