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Frazer Clarke Seeks Epic British Heavyweight Title Clash With Fabio Wardley

Clarke confident he'll dominate Wardley in explosive showdown

Frazer Clarke desires an “epic” British and Commonwealth heavyweight title match to put an end to his feud with Fabio Wardley.

“He’s a great troll but when I get in there I will literally seek and destroy,” said Frazer Clarke, 32 in media reports. 

Frazer Clarke(8-0, 6 KOs) from Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire, England is certain that the moment has come for him to challenge Fabio Wardley(16-0, 15 KOs) from Ipswich, Suffolk, England for the heavyweight British and Commonwealth crowns.

“I think me and Fabio would bring the best out of each other and have an epic British heavyweight title fight,” added Clarke.

“I’m ready for that and I’m pretty sure he is,” he added.

“I’m so confident in myself that I win that fight,” said Clarke.

Earlier in the year, Frazer Clarke was ordered to take on Wardley. Although he had to arrange a few battles over greater distances beforehand, Clarke has always had his sights set on the British crown.

“I’m happy to get it on whenever,” said Fabio Wardley, 28 in media reports.

“He’s a great troll, one of the best in fact. When I get in there I will literally seek and destroy,” said  Clarke.

“I hope the business doesn’t get in the way this time. I’m used to amateur boxing, where the best fight the best. That’s all I want. I want to progress my career and fight the best people and I think Fabio is there, he’s proven he’s there and I look forward to doing that,” said Frazer Clarke.

“Frazer would have boxed Fabio Wardley on his debut and he would have wanted to,” said Promoter Ben Shalom looking to make that fight next.

“I believe I’m better than anyone he’s fought, levels above anyone that he’s fought. I definitely do,” said Clarke. 

“I think he’ll be too confident,” added Clarke.

“I think that confidence could be one of the factors that make the fight a lot easier for me than he thinks it’s going to be. He has every right to be confident. No one’s gone the distance with him,” said Clarke.

“But none of those people have been me,” declared Clarke.

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