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Robert De Niro Denies Workplace Abuse Allegations In $12 Million Lawsuit

Actor vehemently rejects claims of abuse and sexism during court testimony.

Renowned actor Robert De Niro vehemently denied accusations of workplace abuse during a court session in New York on Tuesday.

A viewing of an empty courtroom. Robert De Niro lost his temper during a courtroom testimony after being sued by a former assistant. (ROBERT LINDER/UNSPLASHED) 

The actor had recently had a film that streamed on AppleTV+, “Killers of the Flower Moon” that also starred Leonardo Di Caprio, Lily Gladstone, Brendan Fraser, and John Lithgow. 

De Niro shouted, “Shame on you!” as he gave testimony while arguing with his former assistant, who is suing him for $12 million, reported The Guardian.

The actor lost his temper in the courtroom, but did admit asking the assistant to scratching his back.

De Niro rejected claims of verbal abuse and sexism levied by his former executive assistant and vice president, Graham Chase Robinson. He labeled the lawsuit as “nonsense” and during his testimony, De Niro shouted “Shame on you, Chase Robinson!” before quickly apologizing in court.

Robinson alleges that she suffered emotional distress and reputational harm during her employment with De Niro, which led to her resignation in 2019. She seeks $12 million in damages, claiming that the ordeal has left her jobless.

She was earning an annual salary of $300,000 when she decided to resign, driven by her frustration with her interactions with De Niro’s girlfriend and the effect she claimed that his girlfriend was having on the actor.


The jury is also reviewing a 2019 lawsuit De Niro filed against Robinson, accusing her of theft and misuse of company resources. De Niro is seeking the return of three years worth of Robinson’s salary.

During the proceedings, De Niro was questioned about alleged inappropriate behavior towards Robinson, including urinating during phone calls. De Niro responded, “Give me a break with this nonsense. You got us all here for this?”

De Niro stated he had never been abusive towards Robinson, although he conceded that he might have used harsh language in conversations with her. He also refuted allegations of inappropriate behavior, asserting any such incidents were not with “disrespect or lewdness.”

“I got angry that one time,” said De Niro, adding, “I berated her. I wasn’t abusive. I was upset.”

The trial continues and is expected to conclude on Nov. 10.

De Niro is notably know for “Taxi Driver” (1976) after his famous line “Are you talking to me?”

He’s been known to collaborate with notable actors and directors that include Martin Scorsese, Al Pacino, and Ben Stiller, those whom he have worked on multiple films with.


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