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‌Whats Next For Fury And Ngannou?‌

Fury aims to become greatest heavyweight boxer while Ngannou switches to boxing for bigger payday.

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia — Tyson Fury, the WBC heavyweight champion, one a close victory over first timer Francis Ngannou. The former MMA champ looked great at times and even floored Tyson Fury at one point.

Ngannou has vowed that he will stay in boxing where he can make more money than the MMA.

Conversely Fury has a looming undisputed heavywieght clash with Alexander Usyk that is likely to take place in early 2023 in Saudi Arabia. Fury had previously said he believes his boxing career will continue.

“I’m looking to sign another 10-fight deal after this, so I don’t know, I’m going to put my feelers out there and see who I can get the best deal off for another 10 fights,” said Fury. “This is all I’ve ever done and all that’s ever made me happy. So it’d be stupid now to walk away from it when I’m making millions of dollars and getting loads of joy from it as well,” added Fury.

In a recent interview, Fury said that he is motivated to continue fighting because he wants to be the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time. He also said that he enjoys the challenge of boxing and that he is still learning new things every day.

“I’m still learning and I’m still getting better, I want to be the best heavyweight boxer of all time, and I believe I can do that,” said Tyson Fury (33-0-1 (24 KOs) in media reports. 

“Tyson is in great shape and he’s still improving,” said Warren, his promoter in media reports. “He’s got a lot of years left in him.

Mike Tyson the former boxing heavyweight reigning champion joined Cameroonian Ngannou’s (17-3-0)  coaching team to help him prepare for Tyson Fury.  While Mike Tyson did appear in the ring with Ngannou he was not in the Cameroonian fighters corner during the fight. Though clearly Tyson’s skills had brushed off on Ngannou.

Ngannou is the former UFC heavyweight champion is known for his devastating knockout power dropped Fury at one point last night.

Yet, even had he knocked out Fury he would not have become a world champion.

The fight was not scheduled for 12 rounds and Fury’s titles were not on the line.

(Additional reporting provided by Joseph Hammond)

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