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Scottish Family’s Halloween House Attracts Hundreds For 17th Year

William and Roslyn Howson's spooky tradition has become a local favorite, with over 600 guests in attendance over the years.

A family attracts hundreds of people to their stunning Halloween-themed home – for the 17th year running.

William Howson, 68, and wife Roslyn, 61, began the tradition in 2006 after throwing a spooky party for one of their grandson’s birthdays.

The couple decked out their house with mannequins and decorations spread around their entire home and garden – and friends and neighbors were thrilled.

Now, more than a decade on, the Howson’s Halloween House has become a local tradition, welcoming over 600 guests over the years – and are set to do it all over again this October 31 at the house in Motherwell, Scotland.

The couple now have 17 grandchildren – and they all get involved in the fun too.

“It started with our grandson’s fourth birthday on Nov. 1, 2006, when we had a wee display and Halloween party,” said William.

“People came to the door, we let them in – and it’s just grown from there. It’s really good fun.

“It doesn’t actually cost us that much to run as we have accumulated the decorations over the years.

“The only expense is the treats my wife gives out.

“We don’t charge people to come in, it’s just all about the fun.

“We have to start setting up in September, there are hundreds of decorations to get out, so it takes us about seven weeks.

The spooky attractions. William Howson, 68, and wife Roslyn, 61, began the tradition in 2006 after throwing a spooky party for one of their grandson’s birthdays. PHOTO BY SWNS 

“People will queue for hours to get in – and it’s so funny seeing people’s reactions to it, especially the adults who are scared.

“We are the Halloween house and people will stop by and ask if we are doing it again this year.

“We put up black netting over the window when we start getting stuff out so it’s a real surprise.

“All the family gets involved – the grandkids love it.

The front of the family home has been lit with green lights, with gravestones and skeletons scattered around the garden – and a spooky spiderweb tunnel leads towards the door.

Inside lie bloody handprints, eerie animatronics and of course, the Howson family – ready to scare willing visitors.

This year, William has dressed as Pennywise the clown – the killer antagonist of Stephen King’s IT.

The whole family have become involved, with grandchildren Amy, 12, dressed as a haunted doll, Joshua, 6, as Ghostface, and even 19-month old Ollie has joined the fun in a jester costume.

“It’s special night that we all celebrate,” said six-year-old Joshua.

“People come to our house to see us scare and they love it!

“It’s like Christmas, but more fun because we celebrate it better!”

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