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‌Coordinator For The Captives And Missing Brig.-Gen. (Ret.) Gal Hirsch Meets With Red Cross Representatives‌

‌100,000 israeli Citizens Are Evacuated From The War Zone ‌
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Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu Prime Minister of Israel  in Israel   on Oct 22, 2023, (Stock image /Office of Israeli PM ) Benjamin Netanyahu – Israel PM  

According to the israeli PM media early today Coordinator for the Captives and Missing Brig.-Gen. (Ret.) Gal Hirsch, met with representatives of the Red Cross. He thanked them for the Red Cross’s part in the release of the two female captives Saturday night and for its role as a neutral humanitarian agency

Eylon Levy, Israeli Government Spokesman told Zenger News that israel is committed to bring home all of the 200 plus hostages safe and sound. In the meantime they have asked International Red Cross be allowed to meet with the missing so they can evaluate their health as well as allowing them to speak with their loved ones. 

Meanwhile, things are heating up as attacks are causing both the formal as well as the voluntary  evacuation of Israeli citizens from their homes. As rocket attacks on Israelis intensify from both the North and the South, Israel is taking firm action to move their citizens out of the areas of danger. 

As of this morning over 200,000 Israelis are internally displaced evacuating their homes to seek safety from Hezbollah and Hamas rockets that’s around 100,000 citizens. Israeli IDPS who have been ordered to evacuate from their homes that have been designated as Danger Zones. 

In addition, an estimated over 100,000 Israelis have evacuated their homes of their own accord from areas where they would otherwise have had only a few seconds to run away from intensifying rocket fire.Those who have been evacuated are homes around the Gaza Strip and Lebanon. Thus far a total of 105 communities including the evacuation of the entire town of Kirat Mona  have taken place to keep citizens safe. 

At today’s PM press briefing Levy addressed the evacuation to safety of Israeli citizens as they dodge rocket fire as well as a number of other topics. There was updates on the Gaza Strip, the demand for all hostages to be released without conditions, and ongoing commitment to the total destruction of Hamas. 

In our goal to give you the unedited news we recomend you listen to Levy’s daily briefing from today as well as the question and answer session after his prepared statement. 




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