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‌Israeli Press Briefing 10-21: The Hostage Release And What Comes Next‌

‌Piority Number One Remains Getting All Hostages Back Alive And The Destruction Of Hamas‌

WASHINGTON — Today marks two weeks since the barbaric attacks by Hamas that left over 1300 people dead and thousands more injured. In the past week over 7300 rockets have been fired on Israel as the war is about to enter its next stage as the IDF is committed to the destruction of Hamas.  


In today’s daily briefing from the office of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a great deal of ground was covered. The press office told Zenger News that while the war was front and center there is also a focus on “The Day After.”


Israel has made it clear they do not plan on overseeing Gaza. Israel will explore all possible options with their partners in the international community, but under no circumstances will the terrorist organization Hamas be allowed to exist in Gaza let along govern the area.    


Here are the highlights of the press briefing and we have included the video so you can watch the unedited version including the entire question and answer period. 





● Israel of course welcomes the release of Judith Raanan and her teenage daughter Natalie as a result of international pressure on Hamas. We demand

the immediate and unconditional release of all our HOSTAGES and we expect

more pressure from the international community, with all means at its

disposal, to secure their immediate and unconditional release and access to

the International Red Cross. 


Israel will not rest until all of the hostages–from babies ripped from their parents’ arms to elderly people–are returned to their



● Hamas is a barbarous terror organization that right now holds AT LEAST 210

infants, children, women and elderly people hostage in Gaza and continues to

commit crimes against humanity. I emphasize that there are still 100-200

people STILL MISSING because we do not know whether Hamas abducted

them from their beds or reduced them to the sort of human ash Jews haven’t

seen since Auschwitz. 

Hamas cremated whole families alive. This is the evil we are fighting and the evil we will eliminate.


When it comes to regional evil, Iran, together with its proxies, continues to

antagonize and spread its tentacles of terror. Our message has been consistent and clear. Israel is not seeking a war on multiple fronts but if tested, will respond with the overwhelming strength of the IDF.


Finally, over the last few days, Israel has approved plans to expand operational

activities, including a ground operation. IDF units are currently training and ready for

any mission.


Zenger will cover all of the daily press briefings giving our readers access to the unfiltered information provided by Prime Minister Netanyahu press office. We remain one of the few United States news organizations dedicated to attending the daily briefings. 

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