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Turkish Heavyweight Boxer Ali Eren Demirezen Prepares For Epic Comeback

Demirezen's return to the ring ignites anticipation in the elite heavyweight boxing community

Ali Eren Demirezen has more goals than before as he prepares to return to the ring. He wants to demonstrate that his time away from the ring has only strengthened him and increased his resolve to compete at the highest level of heavyweight boxing. He is adamant that he has what it takes to win the title and go down in boxing history.

Ali Eren Demirezen (16-1, 12 KOs) is a top heavyweight Turkish professional boxer. He spoke on a subject that was dear to his heart: the absence of worldwide support and recognition for Turkish athletes.

In March, he made the decision to stop playing the sport because he felt he wasn’t getting enough credit for all of his commitment and effort.

“I have not been in the ring for 13-14 months. It is not a long time. Mike Tyson and Muhammed Ali were both off for about 3 years,” said Demirezen in media reports, displaying his unwavering confidence. 

“I hope we are coming to destroy the Top Heavyweights, be ready, I am coming back. I am on my way to the world championship in Balıkesir. I’m starting. I’m getting back in the ring again,” said Demirezen in media reports.

Ali Eren Demirezen (R) punches Adam Kownacki during their heavyweight boxing match. Ali Eren Demirezen  believes that his comeback to the ring will inspire Turkish athletes and win over boxing fans all over the world because of his unwavering enthusiasm, fortitude, and talent. ADAM HUNGER/GETTY IMAGES.

In 2015, when Demirezen competed at the European Amateur Boxing Championships in Samokov, Bulgaria, his drive and tenacity were clearly evident. 

He qualified for the AIBA World Boxing Championships later that year despite being eliminated in the quarterfinals. Unfortunately, Joe Joyce of England defeated him in the quarterfinals in Doha, Qatar.

After winning the bronze medal at the 2016 European Boxing Olympic Qualification Tournament in Samsun, Turkey, Demirezen’s quest took him to the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Demirezen achieved three victories at the top Heavyweight division in 2022, two of which were over underdogs Gerald Washington and Adam Kownacki.

The elite heavyweight boxing community is anxiously anticipating his return.

Edited by Judy J. Rotich and Newsdesk Manager

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