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Palestine Ally Iran Gave Hamas Militants Training Before The Recent Attack

Plans to attack Israel started an year ago as Hamas militants got training and support from their allies like Iran.

On Tuesday Iran’s supreme leader Ayollah Ali Khamenei denied Iran’s involvement in Israel attack allegations in Televised speech, but contradictory explosions were heard with smoke fired from Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) in Iran naval base in Bushehr.

Israel woke up to a surprise attack on Saturday morning with hundreds of rockets fired into various cities in the country, the Prime minister Benjamin declared ‘Israel is on war’. Tuesday being the third day thousands of both Israelis and Palestinians had already lost their lives, Gaza strip was put under siege on Monday by IDF while Israeli Authorities confirmed that there will be no food, electricity and fuel.

 US President Joe Biden assured Israel help and military jets were shipped to help in the fight against Hamas terrorists. CRAIG MANNERS/UNSPLASH.

US President Joe Biden is on the fore front to aid Israel he sent help and a military ship from Washington shipped military jets to help Israel to fight Hamas. By Monday 11 American citizens had lost their lives, “Embassy staff are urged to stay close to home as possible and are prohibited from personal travel to West Bank until further notice,” said The US Office of Palestinian Affairs.

On Tuesday, Israel closed the remaining exit from Gaza called Rafah that borders Egypt taking full cover of Gaza strip, in retaliation Israelis airstrikes were fired on Monday to several mosques and a market place in the densely populated strip.

“The Palestinian militants behind the surprise weekend attack on Israel began planning the assault at least a year ago, with key support from Iranian allies who provided military training and logistical help as well as millions of dollars for weapons,” said intelligence officials on Monday.

“While Iran’s precise role in Saturday’s attack remained unclear, the assault reflected Tehran’s years-long ambition to surround Israel with legions of paramilitary fighters armed with increasingly sophisticated weapons systems capable of striking deep inside the Jewish state,” said the officials.

 US President Joe Biden assured Israel help and military jets were shipped to help in the fight against Hamas terrorists. CRAIG MANNERS/UNSPLASH.

Among the hundreds killed in the Israel-Hamas war so far, some are foreign nationals whose governments are trying to offer support as the battle escalates. Some countries have have confirmed deaths of their citizens as reported by their Embassies in Israel.

Argentina: Seven Argentina nationals have been killed and 15 more missing.

Canada: One Canadian is dead and two are missing.

France: Eight French citizens have been killed and 20 are missing.

Nepal: Ten Nepalese died in Kibbutz Alumim attack.

Russia: Four Russians are dead and 6 others are missing.

Thailand: At least 12 Thailand citizens have been killed and the number is feared it could be higher.

United States: At least 11 US citizens were killed.

United Kingdom: One British man who has been serving in IDF was killed.

Ukraine: Two Ukrainians have been killed.

Prime Minister Benjamin warned Hamas that Israel’s retaliation attacks have only just begun adding that this week’s events will change the Middle East landscape forever.

Edited by Judy J. Rotich and Newsdesk Manager

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