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From Insulin To Ryan Reynolds: Unveiling Canada’s Top Exports And Innovations

Canada's Best Exports: Insulin, Pacemaker, Ryan Reynolds. Poll reveals lesser-known innovations and famous faces from Canada.

The best things to come out of Canada include insulin, peanut butter – and Ryan Reynolds, according to a poll.

Research among 2,000 adults found many are unaware of the innovations and famous faces that have emanated from America’s northern neighbor.

The pacemaker, alkaline batteries and maple syrup are among the top inventions from Canada, along with the walkie-talkie and snowmobile.

Favorite celebrity exports include Keanu Reeves, Bryan Adams and Celine Dion.

Nearly half (48%) wrongly believe Canadian-born Jim Carrey is from America, and a similar percentage think the same about Pamela Anderson.

Natural beauty (62%) was voted the best thing Canada had to offer as 76% agree its scenery is ‘world leading’. ANDRE FURTADO VIA PEXELS.

And the confusion doesn’t stop at famous faces as more than a fifth (22%) thought Toronto was the capital of Canada – when it’s in fact Ottawa.

The study was commissioned by Canadian airline, Air Transat, which in response to the findings, created an American or Canadian quiz testing people’s knowledge when it comes to famous faces.

“So many great things have been born out of Canada – people included – it’s too difficult to decide what tops the list,”  said Sonia Kurek, the brand’s UK commercial director.

“But we’ve loved seeing what the nation considers ‘the best of’ and it’s been especially interesting to see the celebs and inventions we assume are American.”

It also emerged its natural beauty (62%) was voted the best thing Canada had to offer as 76% agree its scenery is ‘world leading’.

Wildlife (42%), friendly people (23%), and the variety of outdoor activities on offer (26%) also featured high on the list.

However, 46% think everything it has to offer is overshadowed by being situated next door to the USA.

Canada is the ideal place to try new things – from whale watching to sledding, the list of activities is endless says survey. JAMESON VIA PEXELS.

While more than three quarters knew that Niagara Falls was an iconic Canadian spot (77%), just 29% could name Alberta’s Banff National Park and only 12% knew of the Cabot Trail.

Of those who haven’t yet visited the country, 26% confirm it is on their future travel bucket list.

With 48% claiming there is no real reason for not going yet other than just ‘not getting round to it’, according to the OnePoll study.

When thinking of holidaying there, an outdoor-type break is what most springs to mind for 33% of all those polled, while 26% envision a road trip style holiday.

And four in 10 who haven’t yet been believe a Canadian holiday would give them some of the best content for their social media.

“Canada is the ideal place to try new things – from whale watching to sledding, the list of activities is endless,” said Sonia.

“There is something for everyone, no matter what your holiday goals are and for those who simply haven’t got round to it yet, booking a ticket to the Great White North couldn’t be easier.”


1. Insulin
2. The pacemaker
3. Maple syrup
4. Peanut butter
5. Alkaline batteries
6. Keanu Reeves
7. Ryan Reynolds
8. Bryan Adams
9. Celine Dion
10. The walkie-talkie
11. The snowmobile
12. Jim Carrey
13. Shania Twain
14. Michael J Fox
15. Hawaiian pizza
16. William Shatner
17. Ryan Gosling
18. Hockey
19. Tim Hortons
20. Justin Bieber
21. The snow blower
22. The Java programming language
23. Leonard Cohen
24. Drake
25. Alanis Morrissette
26. Avril Lavigne
27. Basketball
28. Kiefer Sutherland
29. Poutine
30. Justin Trudeau

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