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Tesla’s Unassailable Dominance Leaves Competitors Struggling To Keep Pace

Elon Musk's sarcastic swipe at rivals as Tesla outsells next 19 competitors combined.
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Elon Musk‘s reaction to Tesla, Inc.‘s (NASDAQ:TSLA) unassailable dominance in the American electric vehicle market was nothing short of a sarcastic swipe at competitors attempting to catch up.

SpaceX, Twitter and electric car maker Tesla CEO Elon Musk attends an event during the Vivatech technology startups and innovation fair at the Porte de Versailles exhibition centre in Paris, on June 16, 2023. (JOEL SAGET /GETTY IMAGES) 

Tesla dominates the global electric vehicle (EV) market, leaving competitors, including both nimble startups and legacy automakers transitioning to EVs, struggling to keep pace.

Amid Ford Motor Co.‘s (NYSE:F) decision to abandon plans for a $3.5 billion battery plant in Michigan, a Reuters report revealed that Tesla is pushing most of its U.S. competitors into “unprofitable, low-volume niches.”

In the first half of 2023, Tesla sold 325,291 EVs in the U.S., with General Motors (NYSE:GM) a distant second at 34,943 units, and Ford Motor Co (NYSE:F) following with 26,849 EVs sold. Tesla outsold its next 19 rivals combined during this period, as reported.

When Tesla influencer Sawyer Merritt shared this data on X (formerly Twitter), Musk responded in a mocking tone, stating, “The competition is coming.”

Despite Tesla’s dominant position, the EV industry faces challenges such as economic conditions, reluctance to electrify, skepticism about range, self-driving capabilities, and charging infrastructure. Tesla also faces the risk of missing its third-quarter delivery guidance.

Newcomers to the industry face the challenge of ramping up production and scaling quickly enough to manage costs. 

Additionally, Tesla’s price cuts have started a price war, and failing to respond with price reductions could harm these startups. On the other hand, cutting prices could lead to financial losses and hinder their operations.

Tesla’s profit fell by 24% after cutting prices for its products that included the best selling vehicles, the Model 3 and Model Y.

Legacy automakers have struggled with the transition to EVs due to their simultaneous focus on internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles and EVs. Ford, for example, delayed its annual EV production goal of 600,000 EVs by a year due to pricing pressures.

Other EV automakers including Rivian have entered the market as Tesla will have the Cybertruck enter the market.

Stellantis is expected to enter the EV market in 2024 with the introduction of the Dodge Charger Daytona Banshee, an EV muscle car that was introduced in 2022.

The ongoing strike by the United Auto Workers union against Detroit’s Big Three automakers could also throw a spanner in the works for the legacy giants.



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