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Mary Trump Warns Of Media’s Role In Potential Trump Comeback

Donald Trump's niece criticizes media for normalizing her uncle and downplaying his controversies.

The results of a new ABC News/Washington Post poll showed President Joe Biden trailing his predecessor Donald Trump by nine points in a hypothetical head-to-head matchup. The post later clarified that the poll number did not match other recent polling and could be an “outlier.”

Mary L. Trump speaks during Jim Owles Winter Pride Gala Award Ceremony at Hard Rock Cafe – Times Square on January 20, 2023 in New York City. Trump warned about the consequences about her uncle being re-elected in the White House. (JOHNNY NUNEZ/GETTY IMAGE) 

Donald Trump’s hyper-critical niece Mary Trump weighed in on the poll results in a post on X, formerly Twitter, on Sunday.

Trump and his niece have had a strained relationship for years after the death of her father, Fred Trump Jr. Mary Trump’s father was the oldest in the family.

The media is to blame for the horrible poll, said Mary Trump, a psychologist by profession, said. Watching broadcast and cable news normalize her “corrupt and incompetent” uncle in 2016 was difficult for her to endure, she added.

The media, Mary Trump, said, presented the former president as if “he were a legitimate candidate, despite the many failures and crimes he had left in his path for over 60 years.” The

“They had no problem airing his rallies in full; they ignored credible allegations of business fraud and sexual assault—as well as actual evidence of his multiple bankruptcies, horrific treatment of workers, and gob-smacking failure as a ‘deal-maker,’” she said.

The horrifying thing is that “They are doing it again. And this time, it’s worse,” she added.

Cable news organizations, struggling for ratings, are spending more time talking about Biden’s age than Donald Trump’s four indictments, 91 criminal charges and disastrous first terms, Mary Trump.

She noted that her uncle is only three years younger than Biden and that no one talked about her uncle’s age when he became the oldest president in history in 2016.

“This narrative is bulls**t,” she said. It isn’t normal for a person with 91 criminal charges across four jurisdictions to be a party’s frontrunner for president nor it is normal for the media to talk about a person accused of launching a coup against the country and legally responsible for rape as a legitimate candidate, the podcast host said.

In a “sane country,” Biden would be ahead by 40 points, and in a healthy, functioning democracy, Donald Trump would not even be allowed to run, she said.

Mary Trump called for action before the “media’s kid glove treatment gets Donald [Trump] back into the White House.”

“I refuse to treat the 2024 election like a f**king horse race. There’s too much at stake,” she said.

Trump is currently face 4 indictments in 4 different jurisdictions related to the hush money payments, mishandling of classified documents, January 6, and the Georgia election interference.



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