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Mom Drops Six Dress Sizes After Embarrassing Fitting Room Experience

I knew I had to do something.” The post Mom drops six dress sizes after embarrassing fitting room experience
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This mom dropped six dress sizes in six years and became a marathon runner after an “embarrassing” fitting room experience.

Alice Ingman, 59, weighed 18 stone in 2012 having started to put weight on while in her twenties.

Her weight was making life extremely difficult so she decided to do something about it by changing her diet and lifestyle.

By 2018, Alice had lost eight and a half stone (120 pounds) and five years on has been named Slimming World’s Diamond Member of the Year 2023 – a competition that celebrates weight maintenance.

She’s also run three full marathons and 10 half marathons, and says running has been a big part of her weight loss journey, as it keeps her feeling “powerful, fit and strong.”

Alice from, Wisbech, UK, said: “Feeling great in my clothes is amazing yet for me my health is the biggest gift of all.

“My family no longer worries about me, and you just can’t put a price on that feeling.”

Alice says she gained weight steadily for years, suffering from painful acid reflux and reaching more than 250 pounds.

Alice Ingman dropped six dress sizes and kept the weight off.  PHOTO BY SLIMMING WORLD/SWNS

The catalyst was an “embarrassing” fitting room experience when she realized a variety of size 20 dresses were too small.

The retired personal assistant says despite being someone who enjoys meeting new people, she was nervous about taking the first step in her weight loss journey.

But after joining Slimming World, a weight loss organization based in Derbyshire, UK, she was given the guidance and support to change her life for the better.

Alice, a mom-of-one who currently weighs 137 pounds, said: “My weight was really taking a toll on my health.

Alice developed an eating plan and learned to build healthier habits around food, including cooking from scratch more and eating more fruit and vegetables.

She swapped the meal deals, carbs, chocolate and crisps for fruit, salad and healthy home-cooked curries and meal prepping has become a huge part of her daily routine

She also started exercising more and targeted running as an efficient, enjoyable way of losing weight.

Over the course of six years, Alice lost an incredible 120 pounds – a weight loss she has maintained since 2018 when she achieved her target weight.

She is now a size eight and an established marathon runner and says that shopping for clothes is no longer a dreaded chore but an enjoyable hobby.




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