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Mom Survives Broken Spine Following Car Accident

A year ago, the lives of my family changed forever. The post Mom survives broken spine following car accident.
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A single mom with four kids left paralyzed following a car accident has finally returned to her home – after more than a year in hospital.

Jasvinder Kaur, 41, was driving on the A505 approaching Hitchin, UK, in May last year when she severed her spinal cord in a life-changing collision.

She has finally been discharged from the hospital, but her home is unsuitable for a wheelchair user and needs an extension to cater to her needs.

Her eldest child, Priya Binag, 19, has given up her dream of going to university so she can take on the role of caring for her family.

The teenager has started a GoFundMe to raise money to make the much-needed changes to their home.

Priya said: “She’s done her absolute best in raising me and my siblings after the passing of our father in 2013.

“She has always been our rock. She is strong, protective, fun and kind.

“Now it’s my turn to attempt to return the favor, and make her life as manageable as possible, despite the challenges.”

Jasvinder’s accident happened barely a week after Priya’s 18th birthday.

Her spine was dislocated in the crash and her spinal cord severed, leaving her with no movement or sensation below the waist, and limited sensation in her arms.

Jasvinder Kaur, 41, in the hospital following her crash in May 2022 in which her spine was broken. PHOTO BY PRIYA BINAG/SWNS

She’s since spent a year in hospital receiving care.

Priya said: “A year ago, the lives of my family changed forever.

“Doctors have told my mom that lifelong paralysis is more than likely.

“She has neuron damage, which means she can’t control her arms and fingers in the same way as she used to.

“At long last, after more than a year in hospital, my mom is home.”

Despite the joy Jasvinder’s return has brought her family, Priya says their home is completely unsuitable for someone in a wheelchair.

She says the family’s only bathroom is upstairs along with all their bedrooms, and their hallways and doors are narrow.

Jasvinder now faces living in “a microenvironment,” where she is “confined to one room” in her home and physiotherapy will cost £120 ($150 USD) per session.

Priya said: “A solution could be an extension at the back, for a bathroom that would be suitable for all of my mother’s needs, but the potential funding my mother will receive is not enough for all the work that needs to be done to our home.

So far, more than £22,000 ($27,000) of the £40,000 ($50,000) target has been raised.

To donate to Priya’s fundraiser visit here.


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