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Mary Trump Warns GOP Officials: Donald Trump Will Destroy Whoever The Republican Nominee Is

‌A small but significant section of the Republican Party agree with Donald Trump because he is going to advance their agenda‌

The former president’s niece and author Mary Trump recently offered her thoughts on why GOP officials and the party continue to rally behind him. Many Republican leaders are on the end of the spectrum that are left with no choice but Trump, a decision that most Republicans could do nothing about other than prefer him.

‘’That decision, however, rests with Donald Trump, at a place and time of his own choosing.The choice before GOP officials is to either mildly rebuke the former president or say nothing,” said Mary Trump.


Despite all his indictments, Donald Trump continues to be the front-runner in the Republican presidential primary race. ‘’Among elected Republicans, it’s mostly just a craven bid for illegitimate power” said Mary Trump in a Deep State Radio podcast aired on Friday; mentioning that at the base of the state of play, allegiances will not be switched as long as Donald Trump is in the game.

Mary Trump sounded a premonitory warning about her uncle saying that if her uncle, Donald Trump is pushed out of the game unwillingly, he will destroy whoever the Republican nominee is, if it’s not him.


She also pointed to the ulterior motive that a small but significant section of the Republican Party hold, explaining that they will stand for him because they agree with him. “They think that people like him should be able to get away with anything, including treason, and impunity, just because he is going to advance their agenda,” These same supporters think that, since Donald Trump is running for president, he cannot be convicted of treason against the country, Mary Trump said.

She mentioned that the reason why more American people are pro-Russia and anti-Ukrainian democracy question the validity of NATO and the sanctity of the U.S. elections is because the Republicans are not being honest about Donald Trump’s candidacy. ‘’There they are acting as if he is just amazing and nothing he’s done is wrong, which sends a horrible message to the electorate,” Mary Trump said. 


Edited by Eunice Anyango Oyule and Judy J. Rotich

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