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RFK Jr.’s Favorability Soars Among Republicans, Sinks Among Democrats

Latest poll reveals growing support for Kennedy Jr. from GOP, while Democratic voters show declining favorability.

Lawyer Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is among the candidates running for the president in the 2024 election, seeking to get the Democratic nomination.

A leading national poll shows Kennedy Jr. gaining support, but it comes with a huge catch.

Republican voters are backing Kennedy Jr., a new poll from Morning Consult shows.

His favorable rating climbed from 42% in April to 50% in July among GOP voters. The unfavorable rating for the presidential hopeful among Republican voters increased from 25% to just 27% from April to July.

The new poll results could spell trouble for Kennedy Jr. ahead of the primary election, considering he’s losing support from Democratic voters. The son of former Senator and presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy and nephew of former President John F. Kennedy has seen his favorability fall from 42% in April to 40% in July among all national voters polled.

  • Among just Democrat voters, Kennedy Jr.’s favorable rating declined from 46% in April to 38% in July.
  • Kennedy Jr.’s unfavorable rating increased from 24% in April to 41% in July among Democrat voters.
  • His unfavorable rating increased from 24% in April to 34% in July.

The betting odds for the 2024 election have shown President Joe Biden as the favorite to win the Democratic nomination and win the overall election for several months.

This comes as Biden faces minimal competition, and no incumbent president has ever lost the primary ahead of the national election for president. He also maintains a strong lead in the national poll of Democratic voters, getting 71% of support.

Kennedy Jr. ranks second behind the current president, getting 12% of the hypothetical vote. Author Marianne Williamson gets 4% of the vote in the latest poll.

This gives Biden a comfortable lead of 59%, which ranks ahead of the 43-point lead Donald Trump has over the Republican candidates in a Morning Consult poll of registered voters.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis may have lost support among Democratic voters after his latest comments that linked COVID-19 to being “ethnically targeted.”

Kennedy Jr. has been controversial to many over previous anti-vaccine commentary made, which saw him banned from social media platforms.

Several big names have backed Kennedy Jr. financially or shown vocal support for him as he seeks to win the Democratic nomination.

As a pro-Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) presidential hopeful, Kennedy Jr. could also be winning over voters who see crypto regulations as an important issue for the country moving forward.


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