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From Sparkling Water To Customized Cosmetics: Israeli Companies Transform The Kitchen Counter

Israel's Kitchen Tech Revolution: From SodaStream to Capsulab, Israeli companies lead the way in automated kitchen appliances

It started with automatic coffeemakers in the 1970s. Today, countertop and other kitchen machines bring pushbutton convenience to a range of culinary tasks in homes, workplaces and eateries.

The one most likely to be on your countertop is the carbonation system made by SodaStream, the Kfar Saba-headquartered company acquired by PepsiCo in 2018.

SodaStream is the No. 1 sparkling water brand in the world, available at more than 80,000 retail stores across 47 countries.

The sleek carbonation unit, with a replaceable gas cylinder inside, enables consumers to turn ordinary tap water into sparkling water and flavored sparkling water at the touch of a button. Each SodaStream reusable bottle rids the world of up to 3,000 single-use plastic bottles, the company claims.

Assembled in southern Israel by a diverse workforce including Bedouins, Palestinian Arabs  and Israelis, SodaStream machines are constantly getting a redesign to fit consumer tastes. The newest E-Terra features an electric interface, while the E-Duo comes with a glass carafe as well as the usual reusable plastic bottle.

Ansā has put a green-tech spin on coffeemaking with a fully autonomous microroaster designed for on-demand roasting of raw green coffee beans on workplace countertops.

Kitchen Island in model 103 at Braystone on July 11, 2023 in Alexandria Virginia. Israeli companies are in the thick of the automated kitchen revolution. Two of them, Hyper Food Robotics and Beastro, even invented fully robotic commercial kitchens. PHOTO BY BENJAMIN C TANKERSLEY/GETTY IMAGES 

By delivering the beans to the office, hotel lobby, restaurant, or café in recyclable boxes, Ansā (“the answer” in Japanese) abolishes wasteful capsule packaging.

It has just become available in Israel on a limited basis, and Agwa is starting a pilot in Europe in collaboration with a large home appliance company.

In addition, the AgwaGarden is being used by some commercial shipping lines to give crewmembers access to fresh vegetables throughout long transoceanic voyages.

Mayu, based near Hadera, has found an enthusiastic response to its Swirl water filtration devices that filter, oxygenate and mineralize tap water with a swirling vortex action that gives the product its name.

Introduced during the pandemic, the system consists of a glass pitcher with a metal connector attached to a porcelain base, plus “micro doses” of minerals to add manually. It’s sold in 70 countries.

Mayu 2, a countertop unit coming out next year, will automate the process with buttons allowing users to get the exact blended water mix they prefer.

Capsulab of Ramat Gan has invented a countertop “factory in a capsule” to produce fresh, on-demand consumer products ranging from cosmetics to superfoods and nutritional supplements.

Still in the pilot stage, Capsulab intends to enable consumers to pop a capsule into the machine, customize details according to personal taste, and press a button to start mixing the ingredients on the spot.




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