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DeSantis Unveils 10-Point Plan To Reshape US Economy, Focus On China

Florida Governor and GOP candidate aims to end China's economic control, address federal spending and education reforms.

Florida Governor and GOP presidential candidate Ron DeSantis unveiled a 10-point plan that he claims will reshape the American economy.

 DeSantis’ strategy focuses on wresting economic control from China by ending its preferential trade status, banning imports of goods made from stolen intellectual property, and preventing companies from sharing critical technologies with China, Fortune reports.”

The so-called “Declaration of Economic Independence” comes as DeSantis attempts to regain momentum and connect with Republican voters after a series of missteps torpedoed his popularity.

DeSantis’s plan also addresses federal spending and reforms to education, even though the candidate’s record on both in his home state has been scrutinized. Florida is the state with the highest inflation rate, wages that lag the national average and educational standards that have been Democrats.

Yet, DeSantis fancies himself a “new sheriff in town” who will veto wasteful spending and mandate work requirements for welfare programs.

“The Chinese Communist Party continues to eat this country’s lunch every single day,”said DeSantis, while addressing an audience at a logistics warehouse. The Wall Street Journal also highlighted DeSantis’s growing criticism of the Federal Reserve and its head, Jerome Powell.

Federal Reserve Chairperson Jerome Powell testifies before the House Committee on Financial Services June 21, 2023, in Washington, DC. Republican GOP candidate DeSantis had nothing but criticism for the Federal Reserve Chairperson Powell. WIN MCNAMEE/GETTY IMAGES.

The GOP candidate contends that the surge in interest rates has negatively affected the average American.

According to DeSantis’s proposal, he intends to nominate a Fed chairperson who will prioritize maintaining a stable dollar. The Fed must focus on stable prices; it is not a social engineer and cannot be allowed to be an unaccountable economic central planner,” said the plan.

Despite the ambitious plan, DeSantis’s campaign continues to face challenges, including staff cuts and dwindling poll numbers, making his path to the Republican presidential nomination more difficult.

His plan describes him as a “new sheriff in town” who will veto wasteful spending and mandate work requirements for welfare programs. He also claimed he could achieve 3% annual economic growth by keeping taxes low, eliminating bureaucracy and incentivizing investment.

On the education front, DeSantis said he will stop incentivizing “useless degrees” by making universities responsible for the loans their students accrue. His plan also would promote vocational and apprenticeship programs that educate “artisans and engineers” instead of “politicized administrators and bureaucrats.”

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