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Powerful Thunderstorms Threaten Central US, Raising Hail And Flood Concerns

Heat dome intensifies severe weather risk, with damaging winds and torrential downpours

Powerful thunderstorms are expected to erupt across the central United States in the coming days, bringing with it the potential for damaging winds, massive hail and flash flooding. A dome of high pressure firmly established over the Four Corners and southern Plains regions will yield a weather pattern that will dictate the storms’ trajectories across the center of the nation.

“As the heat dome holds strong, it will continue to result in scorching temperatures and soaring humidity levels across the southern Plains. The combination of ample heat and high humidity will yield the perfect recipe for thunderstorms farther north that can stretch from the Front Range through the Plains and into the Midwest,” said AccuWeather meteorologists.

Through the remainder of the day and into the nighttime hours, similar risks will extend into places like Kansas City and St. Louis. In addition to posing a risk for power outages, motorists across Missouri, southern Illinois and into Kentucky and Tennessee are urged to exercise caution as thunderstorms approach the area.

The primary threats associated with these thunderstorms will include, damaging wind gusts, large hail and torrential downpours. These winds could reach destructive speeds, posing a risk to structures, trees and power lines.

Into the day on Sunday, the atmosphere is expected to reload along the Front Range and northern High Plains. ACCUWEATHER.

Hailstones, formed within the towering clouds of the storms, may pelt residents, motorists and even cattle, potentially causing major damage. Additionally, heavy rainfall from these storms could lead to flash flooding in low-lying areas, endangering lives and property.

Progressing into next week, many of the same areas that will face a risk over the weekend will continue to reside within the danger zone once again. ACCUWEATHER.

“The severe thunderstorm threat next week is expected to also feature a heightened flood risk in addition to all other hazards that come along with severe thunderstorms. This heightened risk will come along from a boost in available moisture from an uptick in monsoon activity across the Southwest,” said AccuWeather Meteorologists.

 This thunderstorm activity can regenerate for several days, so it is imperative to be prepared for the possibility of multiple storm rounds, and take necessary precautions to stay safe.

As monsoon thunderstorms blossom across the Four Corners and Central Rockies early next week, these too will ride around the fringes of the heat dome in the days to follow. ACCUWEATHER.

The constant barrage of thunderstorms riding along the northern periphery of the heat dome early next week is expected to squash the heat farther south by mid- to late week. This can shift the corridor of thunderstorm activity farther south as well, bringing rain chances back into Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas.

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Edited by Kyana Jeanin Rubinfeld and Judy J. Rotich

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