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Mary Trump Takes Dig At Uncle Donald In Star Trek Politics Episode

Author and psychologist criticizes Trump's supporters as a cult-like group

Last week, Donald Trump’s niece and author Mary Trump, an American author and psychologist-according to Wikipedia, took a dig at her uncle in an episode of the Trek Politics, which she co-hosts with Bob Cesca. 

What Happened: The June 21 episode featured Jeri Ryan, who played the former Borg drone Seven of Nine, a fictional character in the science fiction television series “Star Trek: Voyager,” which aired between 1997 and 2001.

Cesca explained to Ryan that, like the MAGA cult that has taken over the Republicans by storm, there is a cult-like aspect to the Borg, the series’ fictional alien group, that makes “Seven” a kind of apostate to that cult.

Cesca “Seven’s story arc was partly about deprogramming herself from the collective,” said Cesca.

While noting that “we all have a family member who seems to have been assimilated into one of these cults,” the co-host also asked how such people could be deprogrammed.

In response, Ryan said that, in recent years, there has been a constant brainwashing that has gotten worse. “I don’t know how to deprogram or counteract that,” she said. “It’s scary — it’s really, really frightening.”

Mary Trump chimed in, saying that part of the problem is the ability to “absorb hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance and never feel challenged.”

US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at an event on October 15, 2016, in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Mary Trump said that part of the problem is the ability to absorb hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance and never feel challenged. MARY SCHWALM/AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES.

Why It’s Important: MAGA, the acronym for “Make America Great Again,” is a political slogan that was popularized by Donald Trump during his 2016 presidential campaign. A number of journalists and political commentators have since called the slogan out for its racist undertones.

Mary Trump has also called out MAGA Republicans in the past. Following former president Donald Trump’s arraignment at the Miami federal court last month, she said that, once those wearing MAGA hats were “activated,” it would be almost impossible to get them to stand down.

Previously, the psychologist called “Trumpism” the “MAGA way,” adding that it helped to widen her uncle’s voter base between 2016 and 2020.

“Mary Trump has been critical of Donald Trump as well as the rest of the Trump family,” said Wikipedia. “

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