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Israel Shines At International Science Competitions

Israeli students win medals in Math and Physics Olympiads, as national water polo team makes historic debut

The Organizing Committee of IPhO2023 hosted the 53rd International Physics Olympiad from July 10th (Mon.) to 17th (Mon.), 2023, at the National Olympics Memorial Youth Center in Tokyo.

“After three consecutive irregular years of either postponement or on-line execution due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we hope to hold the IPhO2023 as a regular, on-site, face-to-face event. We look forward to welcoming delegations from all over the world,” said the IPhO2023 Organizing committee.

“The International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) inaugurated in 1967 has since kept brilliant record of stimulating young talented students and nurturing friendships among them, many of whom have proceeded to pursue their career in physics and related fields. Over the last three years, holding of IPhO was hindered by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said the chairperson of the committee Dr. Kobayashi Makoto.

IPhO2021 in Lithuania and IPhO2022 in Switzerland were forced to be implemented in the on-line style. “I would like to express my great respect to the organizers of the last two IPhOs and to the IPhO Secretariat for their efforts to pass the baton of IPhO in such difficult situations,” added the Chairperson. 

Israeli students came home from Japan with a total of 11 medals from the International Mathematics Olympiad held July 2 to 13 in Chiba and the International Physics Olympiad held in Tokyo, July 10 to 17.

The sole gold medal was earned by Itamar Nir in the Math Olympiad, which drew 618 contestants from 112 countries.

His teammates Ofer Bogoslavsky, Avner Spira and Assaf Yacouel won silver medals, while Yotam Amir and Ori Frankel won bronze medals. Israel ranked in 14th place overall.

Israel’s high school team at the International Mathematics Olympiad in Japan, July 2023.
Israel’s high school team at the International Mathematics Olympiad in Japan, July 2023. Yotam Amir, holding Israeli flag, won a bronze medal in the International Mathematics Olympiad in Japan. ISRAELI EMBASSY IN JAPAN.

In the Physics Olympiad, Israeli silver medal winners were Omri Nitzan, Ido Ram, Doron Walach, Inbar Wald and Matan Weinman. Jakob Lars Kristmannsson received an honorable mention.

Israel’s award-winning team in the International Physics Olympiad in Japan, July 2023. Photo courtesy of Israeli Embassy in Japan

“Meanwhile, at the World Swimming Championships in the Japanese city of Fukuoka, Israel’s national water polo team won its first match against Kazakhstan. This is the first time Israel participated in the World Water Polo Championships, one of six disciplines in the event that attracts contestants from 200 countries. The event continues through July 30,” said ISRAEL21c.

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