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Kim Jong Un Meets Russian Defense Minister At Banned Ballistic Missile Showcase

First visit by a Russian defense minister since Soviet Union's fall signals major shift in diplomatic engagement.

Kim Jong Un met with Russia’s defense minister, Sergei Shoigu, at a defense exhibition showcasing North Korea’s banned ballistic missiles on Wednesday.

During the meeting, Kim and Shoigu toured the exhibition of new weapons and military equipment, including some of North Korea’s ballistic missiles, Reuters reported.

This meeting, the first visit by a Russian defense minister to North Korea since the fall of the Soviet Union, comes amidst North Korea’s first major opening up to the world since the coronavirus pandemic.

Kim also received a letter from Russian President Vladimir Putin, deepening the “strategic and traditional” relations between North Korea and Russia.

This meeting follows a series of recent events that have heightened tensions in the region. North Korea recently launched multiple ballistic missiles after a U.S. ballistic missile submarine arrived in a South Korean port for the first time in four decades.

People watch a television broadcast showing a file image of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un at the Seoul Railway Station on May 31, 2023 in Seoul, South Korea. North Korea recently launched multiple ballistic missiles after a U.S. ballistic missile submarine arrived in a South Korean port for the first time in four decades. (CHUNG SUNG-JUN/GETTY IMAGES)

Both Russia and China have defended North Korea’s missile launches at the United Nations repeatedly, blaming U.S. and South Korea for provoking Pyongyang with their joint military drills. This stance further underscores the alignment of interests between North Korea and its allies, particularly Russia and China, and may contribute to a sense of solidarity amid the international pressure faced by North Korea due to its missile activities.

Meanwhile, North Korea has backed Russia’s war with Ukraine and has provided military aid, including infantry rockets and missiles.

Overall, the meeting between Kim Jong Un and Sergei Shoigu, along with the exchange of letters between Kim and Russian President Vladimir Putin, represents a significant event in North Korea’s foreign relations and may have implications for the regional security landscape. The situation is closely monitored by the international community, as any developments in North Korea’s missile capabilities or diplomatic ties have the potential to impact regional stability and global security. 

Kim Jong Un, the Supreme Leader of North Korea, assumed power in December 2011 after the death of his father, Kim Jong Il. Known for his authoritarian rule, Kim has maintained tight control over the isolated nation, overseeing its controversial nuclear and missile programs, which have drawn international scrutiny and sanctions. His leadership has been characterized by a cult of personality, oppressive policies, and a focus on developing North Korea’s military capabilities. Kim’s actions and policies have had significant implications for regional security and diplomatic relations with other countries.


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