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AccuWeather Forecasts Prolonged Heatwave With Little Relief In Sight

Heat dome intensifies, bringing record-setting temperatures to southwestern US

A heat dome that has brought consistent triple-digit temperatures to a large swath of the southwestern United States since June will increase in size and intensity over the next week or so, bringing record-setting heat to millions more, according to AccuWeather forecasters.

In the interim, the Desert Southwest will continue to roast through the end of the week and into the weekend, with Phoenix adding to its record-setting streak of high temperatures at or above 110 degrees. After that, the Rockies and much of the central U.S., which have experienced only intermittent hot spells this summer, will bake under more consistent heat into next week.

Little sustained relief from the heat is in the forecast for the next few weeks, as the heat dome, driven by strong high pressure, continues to show staying power into at least the early part of August. The seasonal monsoon, which traditionally provides relief from the summertime heat in the Southwest, could be delayed or weaker than usual, according to AccuWeather‘s team of long-range meteorologists.

Among the more notable records, Phoenix’s run of days in which temperatures reached at least 110 degrees will exceed two dozen by next week, which is also already above the historical average for an entire year. Meanwhile, El Paso, Texas, hasn’t had a day with a high temperature below 100 in over four weeks, also a record.

With temperatures reaching triple-digits on Tuesday, a resident takes advantage of the 90 degree temps at dusk to get in a jog with his dog at Challen Park on September 27, 2022 in Riverside, California. (Since June, hundreds of temperature records have fallen from Arizona to Texas, and more will be in jeopardy to close out July. PHOTO BY GINA FERAZZI/GETTY IMAGES 

Since the beginning of June, Cheyenne, Wyoming, has recorded temperatures that have been below the historical average for that time frame, but that will change beginning Sunday. Afternoon highs will be in the 90s most days into the new week, some 5 to 10 degrees above historical averages.

Residents in the Plains will be next up to feel the effects of the stifling heat.

As of Tuesday, Wichita has recorded only four 100-degree days so far this summer. That number could be doubled by the end of next week and perhaps tripled by early August. On average, there are 12 100-degree days each year in Wichita.

While the extreme heat can be dangerous for outdoor activities, there are some silver linings to the warmup.

Many residents in the Southwest may be wondering when the extreme heat will break. Normally, the seasonal monsoon provides relief in the region, but it hasn’t been anywhere to be found so far this summer.

Until that happens, temperature records will continue to be broken.

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