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Former President Trump’s Golf Shot Goes Awry, Lands Far From Target

Video captures Trump's poor swing, leaving him farther from the hole than his initial position

A video captured the former President Donald Trump making a poor golf shot, resulting in the ball veering far to the right of his intended target at the golf course.

The video footage was shared on Twitter on Thursday. In the clip, an unnamed person behind the camera says, “Trump’s shooting right now. Let’s see if he can hit the green.” 

“Despite being only a few feet away from the putting green, the ball from Trump’s swing ended up near some bushes adjacent to the green. Unfortunately, it settled to the right of the green-side bunker, leaving the former president farther from the hole than his initial position,” said Benzinga. 

In the video, the narrator reacts with laughter, exclaiming, “Oh, he shanked it.” 

The footage was recorded at the Trump National Golf Club in Los Angeles.

Following the footage’s release, people started discussing it on social media. Sportswriter Rick Reilly, for example, tweeted, “Just give me a 4.” 

Here were some other responses to Trump’s video on Twitter:

“He’ll thank you for the video. It shows his swing plane spot-on for the practice shot, and then he comes inside and over the top during the actual shot. Wish I had a decent cameraman for my golf,” said Richard Lewis on Twitter.

“What did you have on that hole, Mr Trump?’ ‘Put me down for a 2,” said The Wandering Golfers on Twitter.

Former US President Donald Trump reacts as he plays golf at the Trump Turnberry Golf Courses, in Turnberry on the west coast of Scotland on May 2, 2023.  Despite being only a few feet away from the putting green, the ball from Trump’s swing ended up near some bushes adjacent to the green recently. The former president, later on, established a significant five-stroke lead.  ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES.

In a surprising turn of events, Trump’s fellow competitors arrived at the course on Sunday to discover that the former president had established a significant five-stroke lead. “Trump justified his lead by saying that a previous round was counted towards his score, compensating for his late arrival and the missed start of the tournament,” said the Daily Mail in a report.

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