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Crypto Influencer WendyO Highlights Gender Bias In Male-Dominated Crypto Industry

WendyO, creator of 'The O Show,' sheds light on challenges faced by women in the crypto space and calls for industry reform.

TikToker WendyO, a popular crypto influencer, shared the challenges she faced as a woman in the crypto industry.

Crypto and NFT trader CryptoWendyO attends the Mona & Frens: Web3 Is A Joke Comedy Show at Famecast Creator Brand Accelerator on December 16, 2022, in Santa Monica, California. (Amanda Edwards/Getty Images) 

“As a woman in a male-dominated crypto scene, I’ve faced some challenges,” said WendyO in an exclusive interview with Benzinga.

WendyO is the creator of “The O Show,” the largest and most-watched female-run crypto YouTube program globally. 

She revealed the gender bias she observed when she would post trading charts. She said, “When I used to post charts, I received little engagement because people generally don’t want to see charts from women.”

The TikTok star said that in a truly decentralized economy, it’s crucial to have women’s involvement just as it is to have men’s. “Gender shouldn’t matter as long as people’s abilities are recognized and valued.”

WendyO remains a staunch advocate of TikTok, appreciating the vibrant crypto community it has fostered. “TikTok is great. There are a lot of idiots, but there’s also a lot of great information on there,” she told Benzinga.

When asked about her favorite pro-crypto candidate, she expressed admiration for Robert Kennedy Jr. She said, “He’s like, ‘Do what’s right for you. Live free, harm none.’ And that’s very much how I am.”

Constantly advocating for better representation and reform in the crypto industry, WendyO called for changes within the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). “Fire Gary Gensler,” revealing her desire for a diverse group of individuals, including those from both Democratic and Republican backgrounds, with experience in the crypto industry and legal expertise. 

WendyO believes that new laws and regulations need to be shaped by people who understand the unique nature of crypto assets, stating, “The laws we have today were written pre-fax machines times, so we shouldn’t go by them.”

Expressing concerns about traditional financial institutions such as Fidelity’s involvement in cryptocurrency and filing for spot Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) ETFs, WendyO warned, “My concern is that these institutions will force people to invest in traditional financial products and have third parties hold their coins.” 

She said that many people overlook the possibility of losing their coins if the third-party custodian goes bankrupt.

WendyO called CNBC Mad Money Host Jim Cramer “a marketer”.  “Everything he says is for internet points, for views, to get impressions. He’s more of an entertainer.” 

Discussing the trend of NFTs in the crypto space, WendyO shared her thoughts on Donald Trump and Melania Trump launching digital collectibles. “I thought it was great. It’s super cool to see digital collectibles from a former president. I think it shows the adoption aspect of it.”

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