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Photographer Captures Decades Of Smiles In Mirror Selfies At Barbershop

Man's 50-Year Mirror Selfie Tradition at Barber Comes to an End Due to Ill Health

A man has taken a mirror selfie at same barber for 50 years.

Sam Farr, 78, has snapped a picture each decade since the 1970s, but now sadly may have taken his last due to ill health.

Photographer Sam snapped a black and white selfie in 1973 while his barber Joe was giving him a trim and has been doing it every ten years since.

The father-of-two has pictured himself at Joe’s “Giuseppe’s of Bath” five times over 50 years: in 1973, 1985, 2007, 2015 and 2023.

In each photo he’s seen cracking an amazing smile and sporting the exact same trim, each time featuring a new camera, ending with an iPhone.

Due to his battles with poor health and Parkinson’s, the former newspaper photographer’s latest photo will likely be his last according to his daughter.

Photographer Sam snapped a black and white selfie in 1973 while his barber Joe was giving him a trim and has been doing it every ten years. PHOTO BY DAVID HEDGES/SWNS  

Sam of Bath, Somerset, England, joked: “I have always stuck with Joe because if I keep coming back, he might get it right one day.

”But we’ve been lifelong friends, we know each other’s families.

“The first time I took the photo I had just bought Rolleiflex camera for about £100 [$131], a lot of money back then, and I wanted to see what I looked like.

“I used to take photos for so many people back then but never took pictures of myself, so I decided to snap one and started a tradition.

“He’s been cutting my hair for so long that he’s changed locations three times.

“I hadn’t even realized it had been 50 years since our first cut until he brought it up.

”Every time I would come in, he would always say ‘oh it’s been 30 years, 40 years.’

“When we hit 50 years, we thought it would be special to celebrate it. He even gave me a free haircut.”

Sam, who previously worked for the Bath Evening Chronicle, now the Bath Chronicle, has also never changed his hairstyle since his first trim.

He describes the look as an aging Beatle.

Sadly his daughter Nicky Higby, 48, says that this picture will likely be his last.

She said: “Unfortunately due to dad’s health issues I think this picture will probably be his final one.

“Due to his battle with Parkinson’s and other conditions, it’s hard for him to hold a camera anymore.

“Last time in 2015 we just about managed to do it, but this time we went for an iPhone instead.

“The tradition has been lovely for him and us as a family though.

”Joe has always been a close friend of dad’s and the pictures constantly come up on social media.

“I recently saw a post about dad’s selfies on Reddit which had thousands of comments.

“The lovely thing is they always comment on how happy be looks.

”He’s a very smiley man – except when someone gets his pizza order wrong.”

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