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Parents Brace For £200 Summer Vacation Cost Surge On Childcare

Childcare and family activities contribute to increased expenses as parents struggle to balance work and children.
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Parents reckon summer vacation will cost them almost £200 ($259) extra across the six-week period due to childcare and family activities.

Research of 1,000 parents of school-aged children found 58 percent will contend with additional childcare costs as they juggle work and their kids.

A family vacationing on the beach. Parents reckon a summer vacation will cost them $250 extra across the six-week period for childcare and family activities. (KAMPUS PRODUCTION/PEXELS)

But 64 percent worry how they’ll balance the increased costs of their child being at home for the summer.

And 71 percent are preparing themselves to buy more snacks than normal due to day trips and activities to keep children fed on the go.

Warburtons and Morrisons commissioned the research to launch “Ask for Ellen” – a scheme offering free toasted crumpets for everyone in Morrisons Cafes over the summer.

 “While the summer holidays offer a chance for families to enjoy time together, we know that the reality can be very different for many families,” said Warburton’s Chairman, Jonathan Warburton, said.

“As the cost-of-living crisis continues to put pressure on household budgets, we wanted to offer a little support to families through the holidays””

“Being able to help families across the country is as important to us today as it was to Ellen Warburtons back in 1876.” he added.

Tourists and locals enjoy a hot summer day at San Juan Beach. The State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) has activated red warnings for high intense temperatures caused by a heatwave that will raise temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius in some areas. (MARCOS dEL MAZO VIA GETTY)

The study found 58 percent of parents are having to rethink their summer vacation plans due to rising costs.

While parents will also have to visit the supermarket at least once more than usual each week to ensure snack cupboards are full for children during the summer break.

Grandparents are also set for a busy summer, with 44 percent of respondents looking to them to relieve some added pressure.

 Also, 38 percent find entertaining the kids the trickiest thing about the summer holidays, while 37 percent worry about balancing work and family time.

And 26 percent will hear kids claiming they’re bored often over the six-week break.

On average, parents will hear the first complaints of boredom after the first week of school holidays.

 “Supporting customers during the school holidays is incredibly important to us as we know that many families worry about catering for additional meals that are usually covered during the school term time,” said Chris Strong, from Morrison’s.

‘Ask for Ellen,’ named after the bakery brand’s founder Ellen Warburton, will be available all day in any of the supermarket’s 398 UK cafés from 17th July to 13th August, while stocks last.

Adults and children can ‘Ask for Ellen’ to receive a portion of two crumpets with butter and jam for free, no questions asked.

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