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Tree Surgeon Lures Mango The Macaw Down From 60ft Tree In Birmingham

Missing Macaw Rescued After 46 Hours in Tree with Help of Cheesy Snacks

Mango the macaw flew out of a window at the care home where she lives after being spooked by a thunderstorm at around 2 p.m. Sunday July, 9.

Owner Karen Godwin, 52, went searching the local area in Great Barr, Birmingham, but was left devastated when the missing bird failed to respond to her calls.

But on Tuesday morning Mango was spotted two roads away up a huge pine tree after the family heard her squawking “Hello.”

Fire crews and roofers failed to reach the stricken bird because their ladders weren’t long enough and bin men even stopped to try and help by using their lunch as bait.

Karen decided to put out an appeal on social media before tree surgeon Nathan McKane offered to help and arrived within the hour.

He used ropes to clamber up the tree before enticing the peckish parrot towards him using a packet of the cheesy snacks from one of the bin men’s lunchboxes.

But Mango refused to budge and was calling out “say please” as Nathan tried to lure her using her favorite treat.

After eventually taking the bait, he managed to grab the colorful bird before sliding back down the tree to reunite Mango with her delighted owner after 46 hours.

Karen, who runs The Willows care home with her husband Stephen, 52, said: “I’ve always been an animal-lover and Mango is sort of my bird – she is very sociable with everyone though and is just lovely.

Tree surgeon Nathan, who runs McKane Maintenance, said he kept getting alerts when people tagged him in the Facebook appeal.

A pet parrot that went missing for two days was eventually rescued from a 60ft (18m) tree after being lured down with a bag of Wotsits. PHOTO BY LOKMAN ILHAN/GETTY IMAGES  

Using his specialist gear and equipment, he finished up the job he was doing and was at the scene on Danford Way within 50 minutes.

“I made the job I was currently doing safe and swung around there and up the tree with my ropes.

“It was only two streets away from me – I could see the tree from my house so I knew exactly which one it was.

“I was told it was quite friendly but when I got up there it didn’t seem to want to come down nicely at all

“I managed to grab the back of its feathers and put it up against my t-shirt but I’ve been pecked to death.

“I’ve had to superglue my finger back together but I was happy to help.”


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