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Israel Braces For Extreme Heat Wave With Temperatures Soaring To 46°C

Preparations underway as authorities warn of potential power outages and wildfire risks

Israeli authorities are making preparations for an extreme heat wave that is expected to last at least five days, with temperatures in some places expected to rise to 46 degrees Celsius (115 degrees Fahrenheit).

The hot front, nicknamed “Cleon,” will most likely reach its peak on Thursday, meteorologists said.

The highest temperatures are predicted in the Jordan Valley.

A drinking water dispenser on the mile-long beach promenade in Israel, Tel Aviv to fill up your water bottle and protect yourself against sunstroke. Temperatures in some places expected to rise to 46 degrees Celsius (115 degrees Fahrenheit). CHRISTINA STORZ/GETTY IMAGES 

In a statement, the Israel Meteorological Service announced that lighting fires in parks and reserves would be prohibited due to the danger of sparking wildfires. The Judean Desert will be closed for visitors altogether, the Nature and Parks Authority said.

On Sunday, the Noga electricity management company presented a plan to the Energy Ministry to avoid nationwide power outages during the heatwave, local media reported.

Last month, amid similar weather, some 300,000 homes throughout the Jewish state were left without electricity.

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