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CCTV Captures Moment Rare Sumatran Tiger Cub Is Born

Head Keeper of Carnivores hailed the birth as a milestone moment for the species

This is the incredible moment the birth of a critically endangered baby Sumatran tiger was captured on CCTV cameras.

Thrilled zookeepers watched the cub being born at West Midland Safari Park last month.

Heartwarming footage shows the tiny cub arriving into the world in the early hours of July 4 before mom Dourga cleans her newborn.

“Dourga, 11, was matched up with male tiger Nakal, nine, last August as part of a breeding program to save the species from extinction,” said Zookeepers. 

There are only about 400 Sumatran tigers left in the world, making them a critically endangered species mostly due to the expansion of palm oil plantations.

It is the first tiger to be born at West Midland Safari Park in 16 years and the first ever Sumatran in its 50-year history.

Head Keeper of Carnivores Chris Hodgkins hailed the birth as a “milestone moment” for the species.

“Back in March, keepers observed Nakal and Dourga mating and following a gestation period of three and a half months, Dourga successfully gave birth to a cub in the early hours of the morning on 4 July,” said Chris Hodgkins.

“The keepers and I are over the moon, as not only has it been nearly 16 years since we have had tigers born at the park, but this is the very first Sumatran tiger cub to be born here in our 50-year history.

“Dourga arrived in August 2022 to join Nakal, who has been with us since 2016, and were introduced in our brand-new Tiger Tropics habitat, where they had a new house and outdoor habitat.

“They settled in really well and developed a strong bond quickly, so this really is a case of new house, new baby.

“Sumatran tigers are critically endangered – the most threatened an animal can be.

“We hope that this birth not only goes some way towards the conservation of the species, but also raises awareness of the plight of wild tigers and the threats they face.”

This is the incredible moment the birth of an endangered baby Sumatran tiger was captured on CCTV cameras. WEST MIDLAND SAFARI PARK VIA SWNS.

There are fewer than 4,000 tigers left in the wild, due to habitat loss, conflict with humans and poaching for the illegal trade in tiger body parts.

The new cub is Dourga’s third baby, having previously birthed two others at her previous home, but this is the first time Nakal has become a father.

The week-old cub has not yet been named, but keepers will find out the sex at an eight-week health check and then a name will be chosen.

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